Hull FC captain re-signs

Gareth Ellis

Whilst the 2014 season has not been the best one for Hull FC, they are committed to finishing strongly and as they look to improve in 2015, they have received a huge boost, as captain Gareth Ellis re-signs with the club.

With retirement far from his mind at this point in time, the 33-year-old back-rower’s new deal sees him remain with the club until at least 2016 with the door open for another extension, should Ellis choose to go down that path.

Although Hull FC have been inconsistent throughout the season, Ellis has made the most of the opportunities and tried to lead from the front, recording 8 tries and performing well as a player and as a captain.

Despite his good season, Ellis is disappointed that the side have not been able to achieve results as a unit, as he looks forward to contributing even more over the next couple of seasons.

“I take it personally really that we haven’t achieved what we should have done this season, because I am the captain and the leader of the team,” stated Ellis.

“I’m really looking forward to next year now, this new deal allows me to contribute a bit more towards where the club wants to be.

“When I first signed at the club nearly two years ago now, there was a lot of excitement about the place and I think that has maybe dwindled slightly after the difficult season we have had, so it’s nice to have the opportunity to be able to get those ambitions back on track.”

Furthermore, Ellis believes that with everyone across the organisation still invested in the club and their success, it is only a matter of time before the consistent results are seen.

“The ambition is still there, the owner Adam Pearson is still fully behind the club, we have a great coaching team in place, and the squad that we have got coming into next year with the youngsters coming through means that there is a bright future at the club,” said Ellis.

“I know it has been a struggle for quite some time for Hull FC to reach their full potential, but that is the challenge for myself to be part of that development and I am hopeful it will be sooner rather later.

“This deal has given me the chance to make that happen and with the stage I am at in my career, which could be quite daunting, it is nice to not only have the security the deal offers me but a challenge as well.”

Even at 33, Ellis still feels fresh and is looking forward to the pre-season alongside some of the new recruits, including Australian back-rower, Mark Minichiello.

“Obviously we have three games left including an important derby next week and I want us to finish on a high, but I am really looking forward to ripping into pre-season again,” said Ellis.

“I still feel good and fresh, and I think personally I have played some of the best rugby I have ever played in Super League this year, so I think with a few additions for next year including Mark, it can only get better for me.”

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