Bradford veteran announces his retirement

Matt Diskin

A 14-year career has come to an end, with Bradford Bulls veteran Matt Diskin announcing that he will retire at season’s end.

Having also played for the Leeds Rhinos, Diskin has played in 364 games across all competitions and grades.

It was back in 2001 when he made his debut for Leeds and for Diskin, it has been a distinguished career and one that he has relished.

“I have enjoyed a wonderful career, one which I would have happily completed for free,” said Diskin.

“I am extremely proud of what I have achieved in the game and, not being the most naturally-gifted player, I have done this through sheer hard work and determination.

“There have been plenty of ups and downs but I live with no regrets. Hindsight is wonderful but I would not have changed a thing.

For any player, if they could, they would play for years and years. In reality, though, the body does not let them do that.

“In my head, I would like to think I could play for another 10 or 20 years but my body is no longer allowing me to do the things I want it to do,” said Diskin.

“I have made this call in order to ensure my longevity as a father, a husband and a person.”

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