Spain become RLEF affiliate member

Making strides in the international rugby league community, the Asociacion Espanola de Rugby League (AERL) have been accepted by the RLEF as the ninth affiliate member and the 20th overall member.

After years of hard work, new teams, new players and attempting to produce the best possible product for the Spanish fans and people, the AERL are excited to have been accepted as an affiliate member.

“Achieving Affiliate Member status is the best possible proof of the strength and seriousness of the Spanish project,” said AERL president Salomé Sansona.

“Our new status puts the AERL at the level of some long-established federations and opens the possibility for the first time to play in official RLEF competitions.

“We also recognize the efforts of the 12 Spanish clubs who, through their joint work, have enabled us to achieve this goal. Our referees, coaches, players, volunteers and sponsors have also contributed to this recognition.”

The ambition does not stop there, though. 2014 saw Spain play their first ever international fixture and for the first time in its rugby league history, they will field a youth national side.

Additionally, their domestic competition has always been improving and for Sansona, the key is to continue development in every aspect and become a strong, emerging nation in European rugby league.

“We will work to continue establishing ourselves as the benchmark for emerging nations in Europe,” Sansona said.

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