NRL SC Talk Supercoach View: Wenin’s Team Analysis

The first week was not an easy one for many supercoach fans and that can perhaps be put down to the changes in the point system, or simply a lack of appropriate planning. The second week is about redemption and building on a better score. Here’s Wenin from NRL SC Talk with an analysis of who looks good for Rd 2 and who you should stay away from.

The teams have dropped, and here they are.


Friday, 7.35pm AEDT at ANZ Stadium

Bulldogs: 1 Brett Morris, 2 Curtis Rona, 3 Josh Morris, 4 Tim Lafai, 5 Sam Perrett, 6 Moses Mbye, 7 Trent Hodkinson, 8 Aiden Tolman, 9 Michael Lichaa, 10 James Graham, 11 Josh Jackson, 12 Tony Williams, 13 Greg Eastwood. Interchange: 14 Sam Kasiano, 15 David Klemmer, 16 Frank Pritchard, 17 Tim Browne.

Eels: 1. Will Hopoate, 2. Semi Radradra, 3. Beau Champion, 4. Brad Takairangi, 5. Reece Robinson, 6. Corey Norman, 7. Chris Sandow, 8. Darcy Lussick, 9. Nathan Peats, 10. Tim Mannah (c), 11. Manu Ma’u, 12. Tepai Moeroa, 13. Anthony Watmough. Interchange: 14. Isaac De Gois, 15. Joseph Paulo, 16. Junior Paulo, 17. David Gower, 18. Danny Wicks, 19. Pauli Pauli

Comment: Moses Mbye comes in for the injured Josh Reynolds who looks likely to be out for up to two months, which is great news for both Mbye and Michael Lichaa (potential) owners, with both looking likely to receive significant minutes in their respective roles over this period. Lichaa has been named despite picking up an injury last weekend, and this could explain a below expectations performance, scoring 45 points 73 minutes, but these points did come from largely base stats.

Josh Jackson had a disappointing first hit-out with just the 54 minutes for 27 points. He replaced Lichaa at hooker when he went off with an injury, but this only accounted for seven minutes. In the front-row James Graham was impressive as per usual, scoring 69 points in 55 minutes, while Sam Kasiano was a real surprise, scoring 69 points in 43 minutes thanks to a massive six offloads.

Brett Morris delivered for his new club, scoring 87 points thanks to plenty of attacking stats including a try, while his twin brother Josh, continued on with his poor SuperCoach form from the past couple of years with 29 points

For the Eels, Danny Wicks will come into the side for the Eels, with Junior Paulo set to miss nine weeks through suspension.

The story for the Eels from a fantasy perspective last week largely revolved around the backline with Semi Radradra and Chris Sandow scoring over 100 thanks to a total of five tries shared between them. Reece Robinson wasn’t far away with 81 points thanks to a couple of try assists and surprisingly taking over the goal kicking duties from Sandow, converting 6/7 on the night. At just $231k he is an option going forward for sure. Will Hopoate performed well in his new role at full back, but his 60-point game did include a try.

Despite the easy win, the Eels forwards largely struggled to score well with Anthony Watmough only able to score 37 points in 60 minutes and Tepai Moeroa with 10 points in 49 minutes, Nathan Peats rotated through back-row when Issac De Gois came onto the field, but still scored poorly with just 29 points.


Friday, 7.35pm AEDT at Remondis Stadium

Sharks: 1 Michael Gordon, 2 Sosaia Feki, 3 Gerard Beale, 4 Ricky Leutele, 5 Mitch Brown, 6 Ben Barba, 7 Jeff Robson, 8 Andrew Fifita, 9 Michael Ennis, 10 Matt Prior, 11 Jayson Bukuya, 12 Wade Graham, 13 Paul Gallen. Interchange: 14 Chris Heighington, 15 Tinirau Arona, 16 Anthony Tupou, 17 David Fifita, 18 Valentine Holmes, 21 Sami Sauiluma.

Broncos: 1 Jordan Kahu, 2 Dale Copley, 3 Jack Reed, 4 Justin Hodges, 5 Lachlan Maranta, 6 Anthony Milford, 7 Ben Hunt, 8 Josh McGuire, 9 Andrew McCullough, 10 Adam Blair, 11 Alex Glenn, 12 Matt Gillett, 13 Corey Parker. Interchange: 14 Jarrod Wallace, 15 Joe Ofahengaue, 16 Sam Thaiday, 17 Kodi Nikorima.

Comment: The Broncos have swung the axe with surprise round 1 starter, Aaron Whitchurch dropped, and Kodi Nikorima coming in as his replacement. The addition of Nikorima should be a positive for Corey Parker as now there is a replacement for Andrew McCullough on the Broncos interchange. Parker spent 15 minutes of the game at hooker, which significantly impacted his score. In total he played just 58 minutes! I’m giving him another week with Nikorima named as the utility. None of the other Broncos forwards are relevant for now besides Matt Gillett who just continues to find the try line.

Joe Ofahengaue also comes into the side as a replacement for James Gavet who is out through suspension for three weeks, but would likely have been dropped regardless. This could see Sam Thaiday shifting back into the front-row rotation, with Jarrod Wallace the only known prop named on the bench.

Anthony Milford and Ben Hunt stuttered their way through a debut halves combination, with both scoring pathetically. Both are irrelevant for now, and Milford perhaps untouchable unless he makes the shift to fullback and this could very well be possible in the future considering how badly Jordan Kahu played.

No changes down at the Sharks following their shock loss to the Raiders.

Their forwards generally all scored well with Paul Gallen delivering 69 points in a full 80 minute hit-out, while Chris Heighington was impressive off the bench, playing 46 minutes and scoring 73 points thanks to a try assist and four offloads. Andrew Fifita played less minutes than expected with 48 minutes provided, scoring 59 points, whilst Wade Graham completely stunk despite playing the full 80 minutes, scoring a poor 35.

Sosaia Feki scored 70 points (despite being sent to the bin) thanks to a try and two line breaks. Ben Barba continued off where his 2014 finished and could be a trade out if there is limited improvement this weekend.


Saturday, 4.30pm AEDT at Bathurst

Panthers: 1. Matt Moylan, 2. George Jennings, 3. Dean Whare, 4. Jamal Idris, 5. Dallin Watene-Zelezniak, 6. Jamie Soward, 7. Peter Wallace, 8. Sam Mckendry, 9. James Segeyaro, 10. Brent Kite, 11. Sika Manu, 12. Lewis Brown, 13. Elijah Taylor. Interchange: 14. Tyrone Peachey, 15. Jeremy Latimore, 16. Reagan Campbell-Gillard, 17. Bryce Cartwright, 18. Isaah Yeo.

Titans: 1. William Zillman, 2. Kevin Gordon 3. James Roberts 4. Josh Hoffman 5. David Mead 6. Aidan Sezer 7. Daniel Mortimer 8. Luke Douglas 9. Kierran Moseley 10. Eddy Pettybourne 11. Ryan James 12. Lachlan Burr 13. Nate Myles. Interchange: 14. Agnatius Paasi 15. Mark Ioane 16. Matt Robinson 17. Matt Srama 18. Ryan Simpkins

Comment: Despite the cracking performance in round 1, the Panthers forward pack all sadly look relatively unappealing for now with minutes equally shared throughout the pack. Bryce Cartwright scored at a solid PPM ratio, but this included a try assist and as such remains largely irrelevant. James Segeyaro was the standout, scoring 99 points in 80 minutes with a try and two line breaks assisting his score greatly and gets the full 80 minutes this weekend with Apisai Koroisau not sighted.

Matthew Moylan struggled to get involved and could only amass 26 points, while the debutante George Jennings was impressive scoring 77 points thanks to a try and two line breaks.

Jamie Soward is a half to watch this season, especially if the Panthers continue this form.

The Titans have named an unchanged line-up, but have shifted Lachlan Burr into the starting pack with Matt Robinson dropping to the bench.

Ryan James and Nate Myles both played bit minutes as expected. James scored 57 points but this included a try and a sin bin, while Myles managed 51 points at 0.73 PPM. Out of the two James looks to be a borderline low end keeper this year, while Myles will need to improve his PPM through more attacking stats as he made 39 tackles on Saturday night.

Keirran Moseley proved some of my initial fears to be true, scoring at a very poor PPM of close to 0.5. He shared the hooking role almost equally with Matt Srama. Matt Robinson played relatively low minutes for a starting second row forward, but improved his work rate from last year scoring at 0.7 PPM.

James Roberts scored a double and as such piled on the SuperCoach points with 87 for the night.


Saturday, 7pm AEDT at Brookvale

Sea Eagles: 1 Brett Stewart, 2 Cheyse Blair, 3 Jamie Lyon, 4 Steve Matai, 5 Peta Hiku, 6 Jack Littlejohn, 7 Daly Cherry-Evans, 8 Willie Mason, 9 Matt Ballin, 10 Brenton Lawrence, 11 Feleti Mateo, 12 Tom Symonds, 13 Dunamis Lui. Interchange: 14 Jesse Sene-Lefao, 15 Blake Leary, 16 Luke Burgess, 17 Ligi Sao, 18 Justin Horo.

Storm: 1. Billy Slater, 2. Young Tonumaipea, 3. William Chambers, 4. Kurt Mann, 5. Marika Koroibete, 6. Blake Green, 7. Cooper Cronk, 8. Jesse Bromwich, 9. Cameron Smith, 10. Jordan McLean, 11. Kevin Proctor, 12. Tohu Harris, 13. Dale Finucane. Interchange: 14. Ryan Hinchcliffe, 15. Tim Glasby, 16. Dayne Weston, 17. Felise Kaufusi.

Comment: Kieran Foran is out injured for the Sea Eagles and will be missing for up to the next month. He has been replaced by Jack Littlejohn in the halves. Steve Matai comes back into the starting team with Clinton Gutherson out due to an ACL injury.

Not too much positive news coming out of the Sea Eagles from a fantasy perspective with below par scores all round. Blake Leary played a massive 67 minutes from the bench, but could only score at around 0.5 PPM. Feleti Mateo played the full 80 minutes which is positive, but scored also at a very poor PPM, ditto Tom Symonds.

No changes for the Storm, but Felise Kaufusi could be a late change through suspension. Cameron Smith starts at hooker after being a surprise inclusion, but Ryan Hinchcliffe remains on the bench with Dale Finucane the preferred option at 13. Both Finucane and Tohu Harris played big minutes with Finucane playing 63, while Harris played the full 80. However, neither could really capitalise on the additional minutes with below par PPM for both. Smith made a whopping 53 tackles, but could only muster 54 SuperCoach points.


Saturday, 9pm AEDT at 1300Smiles Stadium

Cowboys: 1. Michael Morgan, 2. Justin O’Neill, 3. Matthew Wright, 4. Kane Linnett, 5. Antonio Winterstein, 6. Robert Lui, 7. Johnathan Thurston, 8. Matt Scott, 9. Rory Kostjasyn, 10. Ben Hannant, 11. Gavin Cooper, 12. Ethan Lowe, 13. Jason Taumalolo. Interchange: 14. Jake Granville, 15. Kelepi Tanginoa, 16. Scott Bolton, 17. James Tamou, 18. Lachlan Coote.

Knights: 1 Kurt Gidley, 2 James McManus, 3 Dane Gagai, 4 Joey Leilua, 5 Akuila Uate, 6 Jarrod Mullen, 7 Tyrone Roberts, 8 Kade Snowden, 9 Adam Clydsdale, 10 Korbin Sims, 11 Beau Scott, 12 Robbie Rochow, 13 Jeremy Smith. Interchange: 14 Tyler Randell, 15 Chris Houston, 16 David Fa’alogo, 17 Jack Stockwell, 18 Sione Mata’utia.

Comment: A Lachlan Coote sighting! But he still remains as 18th man. Kelepi Tanginoa has been named in the 17 though replacing Glenn Hall. Justin O’Neill has retained his spot despite a shocking debut.

The Cowboys were outclassed and generally their players all performed poorly as expected from a fantasy point of view with the exception being Ethan Lowe who played the full 80 minutes in the back-row and scored at greater than 1 PPM, thanks to a try assist. However, even taking that into account he scored 69 points from largely all base statistics. If this were to continue for another week then a sideways trade of Jason Taumalolo isn’t the worst option. Taumalolo played just the 52 minutes at lock, which was surprising. Gavin Cooper played the full 80 minutes, but couldn’t match Lowe’s work-rate.

JT was disappointing, but when you’re the halfback in a side that loses by 24 points it’s nearly impossible to score well. An anomaly here for mine.

Kurt Gidley has been named for the Knights following his late withdrawal, seeing Sione Mata’utia dropping to 18th man.

The backs were the hero’s for the Knights, with Dane Gagai, BJ Leilua and Akuila Uate all scoring very well. Out of this lot, Gagai in particular looked awesome, and one to watch for sure before the round three price increase. Beau Scott and Robbie Rochow both played 80 minutes, with Rochow scoring in the 80’s thanks to a try and a line break, but even then scored a very respectful 59 points.

Adam Clydesdale looks irrelevant with Tyler Randell splitting the minutes at hooker.


Sunday, 4pm AEDT at ANZ Stadium

Roosters: 1 Roger Tuivasa-Sheck, 2 Daniel Tupou, 3 Michael Jennings, 4 Blake Ferguson, 5 Shaun Kenny-Dowall, 6 James Maloney, 7 Mitchell Pearce, 8 Jared Waerea-Hargreaves, 9 Matt McIlwrick, 10 Sam Moa, 11 Boyd Cordner, 12 Aidan Guerra, 13 Isaac Li. Interchange: 14 Mitchell Aubusson, 15 Dylan Napa, 16 Kane Evans, 17 Sio Siua Taukeiaho, 19 Martin Kennedy, 20 Nene Macdonald.

Rabbitohs: 1 Greg Inglis, 2 Alex Johnston, 3 Dylan Walker, 4 Bryson Goodwin, 5 Joel Reddy, 6 Luke Keary. 7 Adam Reynolds, 8 George Burgess, 9 Issac Luke, 10 Dave Tyrrell, 11 Glenn Stewart, 12 John Sutton, 13 Ben Lowe. Interchange: 14 Chris Grevsmuhl, 15 Jason Clark, 16 Chris McQueen, 17 Thomas Burgess, 18 Tim Grant, 19 Cameron McInnes, 20 Daryl Millard.

Comment: Both sides have named unchanged sides with massive squads, which is not overly helpful.

The Roosters were outstanding on Saturday night and this led to some relatively high scores.

Boyd Cordner and Aiden Guerra both played the 80 minutes, with an extra try to Cordner being the separator between the two. Both will need to improve in other areas for them to be keepers this year. Guerra needs an offload or two, while Cordner needs an improved tackle count. Matt McIIwrick played just the 37 minutes at hooker with Mitchell Aubusson playing the rest of the game.

Roger Tuivasa-Sheck looked brilliant and has packed on some weight in the offseason, but thankfully not at the expense of his pace and he really does look appealing from a fantasy point of view this year.

Minutes were equally shared for the South’s forwards which was expected from such a heavy back-row presence on the bench. No back-rower is relevant for South’s at this stage and this includes Glenn Stewart who despite playing well was unable to provide any fantasy value. George Burgess’s minutes were perhaps understated slightly due to cramps, but even so his PPM will need to improve if he is going to held onto.

Adam Reynolds was awesome and could be in for a career year. If JT was to put in another poor performance this week then expect there to be plenty of downgrades to Reynolds if there is another great game from the South’s half.


Sunday, 6.30pm AEDT at GIO Stadium

Raiders: 1. Jack Wighton, 2. Sisa Waqa, 3. Jarrod Croker, 4. Edrick Lee, 5. Jordan Rapana, 6. Blake Austin, 7. Mitch Cornish, 8. Josh Papalii, 9. Josh Hodgson, 10. Dane Tilse, 11. Jarrad Kennedy, 12. Iosia Soliola, 13. Shaun Fensom. Interchange: 14. Josh McCrone, 15. Frank-Paul Nuuausala, 16. Paul Vaughan, 17. Luke Bateman.

Warriors: 1 Sam Tomkins, 2 Jonathan Wright, 3 Tuimoala Lolohea, 4 Solomone Kata, 5 Manu Vatuvei, 6 Chad Townsend, 7 Shaun Johnson, 8 Jacob Lillyman, 9 Thomas Leuluai, 10 Ben Matulino, 11 Bodene Thompson, 12 Ryan Hoffman, 13 Simon Mannering. Interchange: 14 Nathan Friend, 15 Ben Henry, 16 Sam Lisone, 17 Albert Vete, 18 Matthew Allwood.

Comment: Jack Wighton escaped suspension and thankfully will take his place once again in the fullback position for the Raiders.

Jack Wighton backed up a much hyped off-season, scoring two tries for 93 points, which included a negative 8 points due to a sin binning. New recruit Iosia Soliola impressed, scoring 55 points in 80 minutes largely from base statistics. He looks a very solid option for your centres.

Shaun Fensom in reduced minutes still managed to score very well scoring 69 points (1 PPM), while Mitch Cornish may have only scored the 20 points he looked good enough to hold his spot in the side for a while.

Jarrad Kennedy played the full 80 minutes in the back-row, but scored a miserable 24 points.

Konrad Hurrell is out through injury, with Tuimoala Lolohea shifting from fullback to the wing and Solomone Kata to the centres. Lolohea is replaced at fullback by Sam Tomkins who returns from injury.

The Warriors rookies produced a mix bag, with Lolohea and Lisone impressing, while Kata failed to show up in the second half. Albert Vete was ok off the bench.

The whole back-row for the Warriors played the maximum minutes, which was expected with a bench full of props and a hooker. Bodene Thompson continued on with his impressive 2014, scoring 67 points, while fellow new recruit Ryan Hoffman was also impressive scoring 81 points including a try.

Konrad Hurrell scored poorly but only played the 52 minutes due to a knee injury.


Monday, 7pm AEDT at Campbelltown Stadium

Tigers: 1. James Tedesco, 2. Kevin Naiqama, 3. Tim Simona, 4. Chris Lawrence, 5. Pat Richards, 6. Mitchell Moses, 7. Luke Brooks, 8. Aaron Woods, 9. Robbie Farah, 10. Keith Galloway, 11. Curtis Sironen, 12. Sauaso Sue, 13. Martin Taupau. Interchange: 14. Dene Halatau, 15. Ava Seumanufagai, 16. Matthew Lodge, 17. Brenden Santi, 18. Kyle Lovett.

Dragons: 1 Josh Dugan, 2 Eto Nabuli, 3 Dane Nielsen, 4 Dylan Farrell, 5 Jason Nightingale, 6 Gareth Widdop, 7 Benji Marshall, 8 Leeson Ah Mau, 9 Mitch Rein, 10 George Rose, 11 Tyson Frizell, 12 Joel Thompson, 13 Ben Creagh. Interchange: 14 Rory O’Brien, 15 Trent Merrin, 16 Mike Cooper, 17 Jack de Belin, 19 Jake Marketo, 21 Heath L’Estrange.

Comment: Chris Lawrence returns from injury at the expense of Kyle Lovett who has been dropped to 18th man.

Not too many surprises for the Tigers with Robbie Farah continuing on his merry way with 78 points, Aaron Woods dominant in the front-row, and James Tedesco always threatening. Dene Halatua struggled after losing his starting lock spot to Martin Taupau and could only manage 19 points in 40 minutes, while Brenden Santi showed enough on debut to suggest that he could be a solid cash cow with sufficient minutes provided.

No changes for the Dragons, with Josh Dugan set to take his place despite an injury scare. Dugan scored poorly with just the 29 points, and his injury only cost him 10 minutes of game time.

Trent Merrin was only afforded 43 minutes, but scored at a cracking PPM rate, producing 58 points. He is a fantasy freak! Joel Thompson played the full 80 minutes in the second-row, but couldn’t match anywhere near Merrin’s work-rate and scored just 34 points.

The rookies were like Ying and Yang, with Eto Nabuli landing a try in his debut and scoring 56 points, while Rory O’Brien played just the 12 minutes, scoring 8 points.

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