Broncos fan favourite signs new deal

Andrew McCullough

At every club and by the fans, the club talks about the spine of the club and how crucial it is. At the Brisbane Broncos, they have re-signed a spine player, one of their most important.

That player, is Andrew McCullough. Still only 25, the talented hooker has played in 154 NRL games to date and has signed a new 2-year deal with the club.

From Dalby in Queensland, the re-signing will come as a boost for Broncos fans, especially seeing as he was hot property on the open market.

The Broncos club is one that McCullough has been associated with since his early teens and he is pleased to stay at a club he loves.

“It’s been going on for the last three or four months so it is exciting,” he said.

“The good thing is I had a lot of people, including the Broncos and my management, making sure negotiations were clean and there were no arguments.

“You look at the calibre of players you are playing beside. It is good to cement that ‘spine’.”

To make things even better, McCullough will get to play alongside good friend, Ben Hunt, who is also signed to the club long-term.

“’Hunty’ and I are from totally different areas from Queensland and we started in under 12s together,” said McCullough.

“We have been great mates all along.

“It’s exciting we are still close mates now and to be able to play another two-and-a-half years together is great.”

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