Broncos score early try of the year contender in win against Canberra

Ben Hunt

Every year, fans are treated to a multitude of quality tries and great plays and those at GIO Stadium yesterday and watching around Australia were treated to a scintillating play.

With time winding down in the first half, the Broncos chanced their arm and went on the attack. The ball went through many different sets of hands as they raced down the sideline, cut back inside, passed, kicked and regathered, before Lachlan Maranta finished the play off.

A remarkable play in its own right, it gave the Broncos confidence and helped set up their away win against the Raiders, moving them into first place on a provisional basis.

The result could have been very different for the Broncos if they failed to capitalise on further chances, given fans were shocked at how many tries they could botch.

The game was all about Ben Hunt though, who by his own standards, has been inconsistent this year. But he burst out of the blocks the entire game and produced what was his finest performance in 2015 so far.

He had a hand in all the Broncos tries and all their attacking momentum and solidified the Broncos position as one of the competition heavyweights.

For the second time in less than a week, the Broncos have kept their opposition scoreless in the second half.

There was some post-game controversy, with Raiders coach Ricky Stuart storming out of the press conference after mere seconds.

He was very blunt in his short, sharp statements and it was clear that he was incensed with some of the decisions that went against his side.

“Todd Greenberg (NRL’s head of football), he was at the game tonight, and I just really hope he saw what I saw,” he said.

“It’s a lot healthier for our club if I don’t go any further into this press conference.

“In respect to all the media, it has nothing to do with you, but it’s just a lot healthier if I don’t continue.”

Player of the Game:

3. Ben Hunt
2. Jack Reed
1. Edrick Lee

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