Cherry-Evans sensationally backflips on Titans deal to stay with Manly

Daly Cherry-Evans

The decision will not impress Gold Coast Titans fans, as their star recruit, one Daly-Cherry Evans, has sensationally backflipped on his current deal to remain with the Manly Sea Eagles.

Although the rule will be changed from after this season, currently, players have until Rd 13 to change their minds and renege on a deal when they sign elsewhere. After what Cherry-Evans said was much consultation, thought and deliberation, he opted to stay with Manly.

Cherry-Evans said that he is looking forward to the opportunity of staying at Manly.

“It is with great pleasure and humility I can confirm I will be continuing my stay with the Sea Eagles, Daly said.”

“This gives me an opportunity to become a one club player which is something I have always dreamed of since I arrived as an 18-year-old.

“I like to thank the Manly Warringah Members and supporters for all their support. I hope they are just as pleased with this decision as I am.”

A junior with the Mackay Brothers, Cherry-Evans came through the junior ranks at Manly and the club, particularly Chairman Scott Penn, are pleased to keep him on board.

“Daly is the calibre of player that the Club can continue to build a premiership winning culture around,” Penn said.

“Daly has already played in 2 Grand Finals for the Club and won a Clive Churchill medal. He is at the top of his game and this contract reflects how valuable he is to the Sea Eagles and how important he will be for our future success.”

“We are very confident that this signing will be the tipping point for the Sea Eagles future recruitment plans.”

CEO Joe Kelly was also ecstatic with the decision, labelling it a massive boost for the club.

“Today is a wonderful and historic moment for the Sea Eagles, our sponsors, members and supporters. Daly is one of the best halves in the game and has a long-term representative career in front of him at both State and National level,” Kelly said.

“To now know that he is committed to being a one Club player for Manly Warringah is extremely satisfying.”

Coach Geoff Toovey has seen a lot of Cherry-Evans over the years and is pleased to see the elite half remain with Manly.

“Daly is an integral member of our team, and his experience and leadership skills are invaluable, especially to the younger players coming through,” Toovey said.

“This is a great confidence boost heading into the business end of the season.”

Some of his comments at today’s press conference are sure to displease Titans fans.

“(The Gold Coast) probably have the right to be angry but that’s something I can live with,” said Cherry-Evans.

“I definitely left the door open for this speculation to continue. I was curious to see what was on the table.”

“I’m sincerely sorry to the Gold Coast but I’m happy with the decision I’ve made.”

The reaction from Titans camp was disappointed but blunt, as coach Neil Henry stated succinctly.

“He’s made his decision & we have to move on,” said Henry.

CEO Graham Annesley went into a bit more comment and admits he is disappointed at how things panned out for the entire club.

“It’s very unfortunate and we are obviously very disappointed by it,” said Annesley.

“I feel for our staff, players loyal members and sponsors that this saga has played out the way it has.”

He went on to say that despite what has happened, the club still have a desire to be successful and they will go back into the market to find the right players.

“This will not in any shape or form diminish this clubs determination to be successful,” said Annesley.

“We will target other players that fit into the culture and aspirations that this club has.”

“Daly made his own decision. It’s disappointing that it’s taken as long for that decision to be made as it has. Having said that, it’s within the existing rules.

With what happened obviously out of their control, the Titans know they have to regroup, reassess and get back on the market.

“It’s obviously had an enormous impact on our club … we have made recruitment and retention decisions based on the personnel we thought we’d have in place next year. That’s now changed. We’ll reassess, we’ll regroup,” said Annesley.

“Disillusioned is a better word than angry … you’d like to think that when someone makes a commitment, they honour that commitment.”

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