New three-year apparel partnership for USARL and BLK

Coming along in leaps and bounds over the years as a rugby league nation, the USA Rugby League have developed into one of the most successful rugby league organisations among the lesser-known teams.

With their team enjoying some success at the last World Cup, the team undergoing a national re-brand as a result of a wholesale change and their domestic competition firing on all cylinders, things are looking up for American rugby league.

Now, they have strengthened their position even more, after agreeing to a three-year partnership with BLK (Beyond Known Limits) to be their apparel partner during that period.

In addition to that, BLK will also look after replica collections and lifestyle ranges for the USARL throughout the 2017 season.

With the road to the 2017 World Cup now in full swing, USARL Director of Strategic Marketing and Partnerships Matt Bailey, says the move to link up with BLK is a great one for the budding rugby league nation.

“This is a groundbreaking first for USA Rugby League and no doubt a sign of great things to come in our first season being recognized by the Rugby League International Federation (RLIF) and our road towards the 2017 World Cup,” said Bailey.

The exposure and success will be welcomed by both the USARL and BLK as well as fans of both and Chairman Peter Illfield is excited at what is to come for the partnership.

“We’re delighted to have such innovative and forward-thinking brands to partner with the USARL and its national team,” said Illfield.

“BLK and RA will be with us through the Rugby League World Cup Qualifiers later this year and then ultimately to the RLWC 2017 in Australia and New Zealand. We are excited to gain maximum exposure while outfitting our players with the top-of-the-line apparel that comes from both BLK and Rugby Athletic.”

For BLK, after forming a recent partnership with the Rugby Football League (RFL), Rugby Athletic’s Chris Babiash says they are keen to provide as many opportunities as possible for the USARL.

“BLK has a very strong presence in Rugby League internationally, and extending that into the U.S through our partnership with the USARL is a natural progression,” said Babiash.

“We are very excited to be an integral piece of this partnership and, in the near future, are looking to provide many avenues for both the USARL and its clubs to take advantage of the high-quality apparel and service that BLK and RA offer.”

Jason Sintome, the BLK Chief Marketing Manager, says the company is looking forward to working with both Rugby Athletic and the USARL, to help them develop further and grow into a more powerful rugby league entity.

“As a brand, we look forward to working with Rugby Athletic and the United States Rugby League to ensure the organizations national team is able to build on the momentum gained in recent seasons and further improve their international position over the next three years,” said Sintome.

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