Broncos forward departs for SL side Leeds effective immediately

Mitch Garbutt

Opportunity can be hard to come by in the NRL and sometimes, players seek greener pastures where there might be more chances to play. For Brisbane Broncos forward Mitch Garbutt, he has a chance to play more regularly at Super League side, the Leeds Rhinos and has thus accepted a three-year deal from the club.

The deal will begin effective immediately, with Garbutt a chance of playing in the Rhinos fixture this weekend.

He will join former Bronco Joel Moon at the club, as well as former NRL players Adam Cuthbertson and Brett Delaney.

With the opportunity present, the Broncos were not about to stand in Garbutt’s way and wished him all the best.

“Mitch has certainly done everything the club has asked of him, so we were not going to stand in the way of a wonderful opportunity for him like this,” said Broncos CEO Paul White.

“We wish him and his young family well in their new adventure overseas, and hope he finds every success in the English Super League.”

The Rhinos are pleased to have Garbutt joining them and believe he can fit into their system and team well.

“We are delighted to welcome Mitch to the club,” said Leeds Rhinos’ Head Coach Brian McDermott.

“I have spoken to a number of people in Australia who rate him and the job he can do for a team.

“He is someone I have been looking at for some time and I think his style of play will fit well within our team and the Super League competition.”

For Garbutt himself, the new opportunity gives him a chance to test himself and he looks forward to making the most of it.

“Very excited when the opportunity came up to go over to such a great club like Leeds,” said Garbutt.

“Gary [Hethrington] and Brian [McDermott] have been really good with it all and kept in contact with me and I’m excited about coming over.”

Playing well at his first side, the Melbourne Storm, things did not quite pan out as many thought at the Broncos and Garbutt sees the Rhinos opportunity as one that can help him to further his career.

“It’s a good opportunity to really kick on,” said Garbutt.

“I don’t have any personal friends at the Rhinos but just from watching on TV, it’s what I’ve gone off. They’re always competitive.”

“I think I can do some things there which will help and I’ll help the team out in any way that I can.”

Family is a big part for Garbutt and they are also excited about the move.

“I just can’t wait to land and get settled,” said Garbutt.

“My wife and young baby are both excited about the move.”

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