Young Raiders talent re-signs at the club

Lachlan Croker

His surname might be one that you recognise but Lachlan Croker is determined to be his own man and his own player, as he re-signed with the Canberra Raiders today.

The bright, young talent is still eligible for Holden Cup in 2016 and is slowly gaining experience and exposure outside the competition, having been named in the Raiders Auckland Nines squad earlier this year.

The reason why his surname is well recognised is that he is the nephew of Raiders great Jason Croker. Despite that, Croker is excited to remain at the club and to work with all involved to get better and earn opportunities.

“I’d love to play my whole career here if I could and I know I have to work really hard now to make sure I’m doing everything right to develop my game and become a better player,” Croker said.

“There are some really talented players in my position at the club so I’m keen to learn from them and hopefully get an opportunity at some stage.

“Ricky has shown some faith in me by allowing me to move into the top squad for the next two years so it’s up to me to take the opportunity and make the most of it.”

The club are just as pleased to see Croker stay, as they believe he can be a long-term prospect for them.

“He’s got the burden of a famous name behind him, but he’s got a great attitude and he’s a terrific kid. He’s the current NYC Captain and he’s also studying at the University of Canberra, and I know Ricky will wait until he’s ready before he moves him into the NRL team,” Raiders CEO Don Furner said.

“He’s a local product from Goulburn and he wants to remain in the region which is a big positive for us and he’s definitely part of our plans going forward.

“Lachlan’s re-signing continues a long line of players who have progressed through our junior ranks into the NRL squad.”

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