Fantasy Coach Killers: The Security Breach by the SFP Wizard

You go on holiday, expecting to have fun and enjoy yourself. But for the fantasy diehards, did you remember your team or forget about it? Just how are you going to access it if you do not have appropriate internet. The Sports Fantasy Pro Wizard looks over that very notion today – the holiday during fantasy season.

Leaving your home town for more than one night during the footy season can be tantamount to fantasy team murder.

And often is….


For some coaches The Holiday is the most insidious Coach Killer of them all.

Rarely does a coach even assume that leaving the comfort of their regular routine will be a problem let alone cope with the aftermath of a broken team and the realisation it is essentially all their own fault.

Obviously, some trips are safer for a coach to take than others but even the shortest sea change or country escape can lead to complacency and inadequacy on the fantasy footy field.

Majority of time this is due to a combination of various lesser Coach Killers such as the Dodgy Connections or an Angry Missus, but sometimes a coach can simply be lulled into inaction by the very nature The Holiday.

It is after all a time when one relaxes, unwinds and unplugs from the cut and thrust of the real world.

Such is the state of mind of many coaches on holidays that they often find they do not even care about making trades or whether their team evens wins or loses.

And herein lies the real danger of The Holiday.×90-VER5-REV.jpg

Any garden variety Coach Killer can cause a coach to struggle through a week of fantasy footy but only The Holiday has the capacity to completely erode a coaches desire to coach.

It’s basically all the worst parts of the bible.


Due to its diverse and ambiguous nature, there is no known foolproof remedy to combat The Holiday.

A good rule of thumb is whenever you find yourself packing more than one pair of undies during the season proper you should stop, think and plan accordingly.

Checking that your destination has fast, reliable internet as well as massage parlours or shopping precincts to calm/distract your partner are always best practise, but even the most prepared coach can trip up when on holidays.

Leaving the team mid-season to head overseas for a spot of torso-sunning and banana boat falling-off is one of the worst moves a coach can make.

The only way to avoid becoming just another fantasy statistic is to remember three simple words – March to September!

These are the months in which a fantasy footy coach should never holiday.


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