Rd 6 NRL News Stats Breakdown: Storm v Knights

Melbourne Storm captain Cameron Smith

Teams with very different starts to the season so far and perhaps not in the way we would expect.

The Melbourne Storm have had one of their worst starts to the year in recent memory, whilst the Newcastle Knights enjoy a good start.

We look at the history between the two sides in our stats breakdown.

Melbourne Storm v Newcastle Knights

The two sides have played forty games against each other with the 23 wins for the Storm, the 15 wins for the Knights and two draws.

The Storm are in unfamiliar territory, having won just two of their opening five games. For the first time in 92 rounds, they are not in the top eight.

The Storm have had a similar record several times before; they went 2-6 in 2001 and 2-3 in 2004.

The Storm need just 1 point to score 1000 total points against Newcastle. Only against Brisbane have they scored 1000+ points (1063).

The Storm are aiming for five wins in a row against the Knights for the third time since their opening clash.

The first game between the two sides was a 32-16 win for the Storm in Rd 20 if the 1998 season at the Olympic Park Stadium.

Biggest Wins

The biggest win for the Melbourne Storm against the Newcastle Knights was a 52-6 success in Rd 7, 2006 on Saturday, April 22.

The Newcastle Knights biggest win over the Melbourne Storm was a 48-16 win in Rd 19 of the 2001 NRL season on Sunday, July 15, 2001.

Most points scored by players in this clash

  • Cameron Smith (MEL) – 3 tries & 81 goals (172 pts)
  • Andrew Johns (NEW) – 3 tries, 53 goals & 3 field goals (118 pts)
  • Kurt Gidley (NEW) – 4 tries & 31 goals (78 pts)
  • Matt Orford (MEL) – 8 tries & 22 goals (76 pts)
  • Billy Slater (MEL) – 18 tries (76 pts)
  • Matt Geyer (MEL) – 8 tries & 7 goals (46 pts)
  • Anthony Quinn (NEW) – 11 tries (44 pts)
  • Timana Tahu (NEW) – 10 tries (40 pts)
  • Akuila Uate (NEW) – 9 tries (36 pts)
  • Tyrone Roberts (NEW) – 2 tries & 12 goals (32 pts)
  • Danny Buderus (NEW) – 8 tries (32 pts)
  • Adam MacDougall (NEW) – 7 tries (28 pts)

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Disclaimer: The above players are solely the top 15 most prolific point-scorers in games between the two sides. 


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