Fans the reason behind Lodge’s decision to re-sign with Broncos

Brisbane Broncos prop Matt Lodge

Some are still annoyed he is in the game but Matt Lodge will be at the Brisbane Broncos for at least two more seasons after re-signing.

After a solid comeback season in 2019 from numerous indiscretions, Lodge won the club’s best Forward award and was second in the Paul Morgan Medal tally.

Lodge paid tribute to the fans for their support as a reason behind his decision to stay.

“Thank you (members and fans) for getting behind me – it was a massive part of why I made the decision to stay in Brisbane,” said Lodge.

“We think we owe something to them and we’re working hard to bring back what everyone wants.”

With his new deal sorted, Lodge is pleased to have some stability and to working under new coach Anthony Seibold.

“It’s good to have some stability, I’ve made the decision to stay up in Brisbane.

“I’m happy with that decision and looking to put in some work with the group that we’ve got coming through to achieve what we all want.

“I’ll always respect Wayne (Bennett) for giving me the chance to come back… but we’re moving on now and we’ve got a new coach in Seibs (Anthony Seibold).

“Training has changed and we’ve all on board with that and we’re excited at what the future holds.”

As he looks to change the perception many have of him, Lodge says that becoming a father has given him more responsibility.

“It’s awesome – he just turned one a few weeks ago and he’s running amok but I love it,” said Lodge.

Lodge also has the full backing of the club who have praised his achievements so far and know he is capable of even more.

“Matt continues to work on every aspect of his life both on and off the field, and he knows he has our full backing as he travels along that road,” said Broncos CEO Paul White.

“He has taken some big strides this year through his dedication and hard work. We applaud what he has achieved and we welcome what is to come in the years ahead.”

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