Gavet takes up English deal with the Giants

Huddersfield Giants bound James Gavet

After 18 appearances for the Newcastle Knights, international forward James Gavet and the club have parted ways. 

Gavet, who has been granted an immediate release from his contract, will take up a deal with the Huddersfield Giants.

In the Giants quest to head back towards the top of Super League, they identified Gavet as the type of forward they needed.

“We were looking to add some size and aggression to our pack, we identified a number of options and James was, we felt, the best person to fill that role,” said coach Simon Woolford.

“James had a number of options including some top Super League clubs, so we’re thankful to James and his management for making the choice to come to Huddersfield and we feel this is a major coup for the club”

“We feel its a very significant signing for the club moving forward in our quest to become a Top 5 Super League team. ”

Not one to make the decision lightly, it was discussions with fellow Samoans that made the choice easier.

“I spoke to guys that I’ve played with, like Suaia Matagi and Ukuma Ta’ai and they told me about the talent in the squad and how well the team should have done last year,” Gavet said.

“They said that the position on the ladder didn’t represent the potential the team had and I have always rated them and their honesty.

“They are people I know and trust. I hope I can strengthen them and help them fulfil their potential.

“From what I’ve heard, they are heading in the right direction.”

Gavet is excited at what lies ahead and hopes he can have a good impact for his new club.

“I hope I can be the piece that fits perfectly to complete the puzzle,” continued Gavet.

“I’m looking forward to the rivalries, I’ve heard they are another level over there and representing your colours in front of the crowd is a big deal.

“There’s big, crazy crowds and big pommies frothing at the mouth to get a piece of you – I want to get a piece of them too.”

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