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Coppa Italia

Coppa Italia, here is the second shot!!!

Fenice Belpasso wins the first Sicilian game .

In a really cold evening at the bases of volcano Etna, warmed by the special atmosphere created by the local club, it has been run the first historical sicilian match of the Coppa Italia a 13 2011. Under the direction of the marvelous referee trio Marco Suaria, Federico Re and Federico Dell’aria, both the Fenice and Briganti have played a good and engaging 13.

Belpasso, 16 february 2011: Fenice Vs Briganti 26-10

The final score of 26 – 10 for the local blu and yellow leaves still hopes for the Briganti, that will have the return match at home next 8th of March to play their chance for the final day in Rome on the 20th of March. Magri’s Belpasso pushed also by the crowd grounds 3 tries during the first half and 2 in the second. Bonaccorsi’s Briganti pass the line once by half but craze and bad luck do not permitt more tries to the Librino guys.

Belpasso’s players open the dances with Guglielmino Alessio at 3′ for the first 4 points, his mate Primitera transform. The Briganti’s reply arrives just 3 minuts later when Gennaro and Filetti level the score but between the 15′ and the 25′ Fenice conquer again points grounding two tries with Samperi and Laudani, transforming one they put the score forward of 10. The second half starts again with the Fenice Belpasso forward: three tries plus a transformation give the Magrì’s team on the 26-06, at half of the second the Briganti manage to shorten crossing the line for the 26-10 that will not change until the end.

Around 40 persons have challenged cold and darkness, one of them was Totò Trovato from the Catania Rugby, next opposer of Cus Catania. Massimo Nicotra, Spartans trainer and development officer of the 13 of Sicily had the possibility to see the first results of the work thatthe island is giving to the italian League. A thanks other than him must go to the staff of the catanese franchise, to the two challenging clubs and to all the guys that have the courage to match the game. Many thanks!!!

FENICE BELPASSO: 01 M.Condorelli, 02 S.Magrì, 03 G.Valadà, 04 A.Samperi,05 Alessio Guglielmino, 06 Adriano Guglielmino, 07 M.Consoli, 08 D.Laudani, 09 M.Lombardo, 10 J.Logiudice, 11 C.Garagozzo, C.Sagic, N.Privitera. Available: 14 O.Finocchiaro, 15 T.Magrì, 16 F.Russo, 17 A.Russo. Trainer Antonio Magrì

BRIGANTI LIBRINO XIII: 01 R.Gennaro, 02 G.Mastrotti, 03 A.Toscano, 04 G.Longo, 05 S.Corcuruto, 06 W.Vassallo, 07 A.Secofani, 08 S.Catania, 09 M.Minissale, 10 F.A.Filetti, 11 T.Caruffi, 12 D.Caruso, 13 F.Lombardo. Available: 14 D.Campo, 15 U.Bonaccorsi. Trainer Umberto Bonaccorsi

Referee: Marco Suaria. Touch judges: Federico Re, Federico dell’Aria

Score: pt. 3′ mt Alessio Guglielmino tr Privitera, 6′ mt Gennaro tr Filetti, 15′ mt Samperi, 25′ mt Laudani tr Privitera; st. 48′ mt Privitera, 15′ Russo tr Privitera, 20′ mt Caruso

First instalment of Italia Cup

The first instalment of the Italian Cup arrives at the finish line in Umbria.

Grifoni Perugia Promoted

Pending the matches of the teams still to be played in Rome and the rest of the fighting yet to give a clearer and more delineated composition of the final rankings, in Perugia, the Grifoni can overcome the difference points against the Etruschi. The team organized and refereed by Andrew Tagliavento brought all their forces whilst challenging the bad weather.

Players, who participated last summer in the Italia RFL Championship in the ranks of Gladiators Roma, have been involved with the new guys who have the new code for the first time. The first clash on 04 February, saw that the Etruschi emerge victorious scoring four tries in the first 28 minutes, in which Dellaciana converted 2. The first try of the Grifoni, over of the top of the Etruschi, bears the signature of Pallizzetti. The match re-began balanced over the first 10 minutes of the second half and the first 20 seconds, when the Griffoni scored four tries to lead them ahead by two points (24-26) to 64′. The last ten minutes, however, saw a return in perhaps the Etruschi: Angelini, Marchetti and Franzioni able to cross the line and to allow their team to win the first match of Italia Cup 2011.

The return match on Febreary 11 began with the Etruschi who scored two quick tries. Good accuracy was provided the conversions by Cappetti and soon came the prompt response of the Grifoni as they finally were able to strike giving a margin of 2 points, with the match continuing to alternate between the two teams equally and small margin of advantage given to the Grifoni in their match victory. The points difference  finally went through to the Etruschi, having won the first match by 10 points.

A big thanks goes to Andrew Tagliavento who has refereed both matches, the players of the Gladiators that were the tutors to the new companions, all players, CUS Perugia and Mr. Federico Bevilacqua. All of you have allowed Rugby League in Italy to make a step forward. Thank you!


Match on February 04 2011 – Etruschi 36 vs Grifoni 26 (8-6)

ETRUSCHI PERUGIA: 01 M.Pachara, 02 D.Angelini, 03 F.Bacaccia, 04 G.Franzioni, 05 A.Volpa, 06 M.Marchetti, 07 N.Corbucci, 08 A.Rossetti, 09 G.DellacianA, 10 D.Cilo, 11 M.Bresciani, 12 M.Santori, 13 G.Franzioni. A disposizione: 14 D.Gioe, 15 G.Biaggi, 16 A.Speziali, 17 S.Menella, 18 A.Goraci

GRIFONI PERUGIA: 01 L.Mattone, 02 P.Eponne, 03 A.Fantini, 04 P.Etchbarne, 05 F.Germini, 06 F.Bolli, 07 M.Ciechetti, 08 A.Manfronni, 09 M.Politto, 10 A.Ercolarelli, 11 D.Biondo, 12 L.Bertini, 13 A.Bellezza. A disposizione: 14 A.Pallizzetti, 15 F.Cappetti, 16 A.Turlo, 17 P.Marchioni, 18 M.Giorgetti

Referee: Andrew Tagliavento

Markings: f/h. 4′ tr Bresciani cv Dellaciana, 8′ tr Rossetti, 9′ tr Pallizzetti, 17′ tr Angelini, 28′ tr Franzioni cv Dellaciana, 34′ tr Eponne cv Cappetti, 38′ tr Bresciani; s/h. 45′ Bolli, 51′ tr Marchioni, 58′ tr Etchbarne, 64′ tr Eponne, 71′ tr Angelini 73′ tr Franzioni, 78′ tr Marchetti

Match on 11 Febreary 2011 – Grifoni 38 Etruschi 36 (8-9)

GRIFONI PERUGIA: 01 L.Mattone, 02 P.Eponne, 03 A.Fantini, 04 P.Etchbarne, 05 F.Germini, 06 F.Bolli, 07 M.Ciechetti, 08 A.Manfronni, 09 M.Politto, 10 A.Ercolarelli, 11 D.Biondo, 12 L.Bertini, 13 A.Bellezza. A disposizione: 14 A.Pallizzetti, 15 F.Cappetti, 16 A.Turlo, 17 P.Marchioni, 18 M.Giorgetti

ETRUSCHI PERUGIA: 01 M.Pachara, 02 D.Angelini, 03 F.Bacaccia, 04 G.Franzioni, 05 A.Volpa, 06 M.Marchetti, 07 N.Corbucci, 08 A.Rossetti, 09 G.DellacianA, 10 D.Cilo, 11 M.Bresciani, 12 M.Santori, 13 G.Franzioni. A disposizione: 14 D.Gioe, 15 G.Biaggi, 16 A.Speziali, 17 S.Menella, 18 A.Goraci

Referee: Andrew Tagliavento

Markings: f/h. 9′ Gioe, 11′ Bacaccia, 13′ Mattone cv Cappetti, 15′ Eponne cv Cappetti, 19′ Santori, 26′ Etchbarne, 36′ Rossetti, 38′ Marchioni; s/h. 42 tr Menella, 46′ tr Pallizzetti, 50′ tr Dellaciana, 52′ tr Rossetti, 57′ tr Bolli, 61′ tr Speziali, 66′ tr Marchioni cv Cappetti, 73′ tr Franzioni, 77′ tr Cappetti

Italy wants to qualify for 2013 World Cup

Just as FIRL, the governing body of Italian Rugby League has announced its 2011 domestic schedule, in doing so, they plan to raise the awareness, profile and standard of the competition, as they aim to be playing at the 2013 Rugby League World Cup.

World Cup qualifiers are scheduled to be held in order to find the 30-man squad to take to the tournament should they qualify, under the watchful of newly appointed Assistant Technical Director, Paul Broadbent.

Matthew Sands, a 12-cap veteran for the Italian side, says that it is an honour to have Paul in the corner as they prepare themselves.

“It’s a great honour to have a coach of the calibre of Paul within the ranks, I’m sure he will bring knowledge and professionalism to the team which will help us make a big step up in quality”, says Sands.

“The camps that FIRL are organising will give the players the opportunity to improve their individual skills and some technical aspects of Rugby 13, personally I can’t wait to get to the trials and try to demonstrate that I have the level required to represent my country.”

Alessandro Cuemo has also been a key factor in the whole situation, helping get a team from Milan off the ground, who will be based at Cernusco Sul Naviglio.

“We have worked in a serious and professional way in conjunction with FIRL to establish a rugby league reality in Milan,” he said.

“FIRL has presented a medium to long term project to develop necessary skills and shape the sport in the area, which we have embraced with a lot of enthusiasm.”


Italia Rugby Football League officially launches new website

The Italia Rugby Football League website has been under renewal the past several months until it recently became online to provide a more professional and streamlined approach for our Federation that falls under the targets we outlined previously – to FIX and ENERGISE Italia Rugby a XIII development!

One thing that you may come across with our promotion will be ‘a first’ as this new era begins … This new website has a new format, new sections, full translation of the RLIF rules from English to Italian (a first) – all 17 Chapters, updates on history, original pioneers, news, blogs, events and much more as our promotion content plus initiatives progress!

The Italia RFL was founded in June 2010 as another Federation for Italia Rugby a XIII, while providing a protection, professional approach and right foundation for growth for the sport in Italy. Specifically coming from our original statement, “The new association has its ultimate goal for the growth of the movement of rugby a 13 in Italy, the protection of the teams that are part of rugby league and share the values that represent the sport.” Hence, the Italia RFL is planning and implementing steps in place, such as domestic events (Coppa Italia announced days ago), positive working relationships with our contacts and partners, press, media promotion and TV coverage to provide the committed sources of Growth, Development and Action required for an efficient Rugby League movement in Italy.

We are more than happy to accept any comment, improvement suggestions and ideas on our development and promotional aspects, please contact us at for any constructive feedback or message. If your business wants to advertise or become a partner on our website, please contact us also.

Our supporters and also general International Rugby League fans you could help our cause by promoting any news and development from the Italia RFL – particularly links from our website or any other Italia RFL press you find, it is very appreciated! It is important to note we are in identifying new development volunteers/members (some already providing help), businesses or organisation partners, or sponsors that have the passion and commitment for Rugby League to help our Italia RFL team – both in Italy and Internationally. (Anyone interested contact – ).

Our active Facebook ( and Twitter ( profiles can also be added. You can help by ‘sharing’ or ‘liking’ our press on Facebook (plus inviting your friends to join) and for Twitter, retweeting our ‘tweets’ using, RT @ItaliaRL

This website will be a hub for all Italians (fans of all Oval codes), people of Italian origin, Rugby League fans and new followers of the XIII. We have acknowledged this through the use of most articles that allow the user to choose ‘Italian’ or ‘English’ under the article.

It can be viewed through the following link: – bookmark it today! Check out our new content and we ensure as we progress, so will the content on our website.

We would also like kindly thank our Italia RFL members, supporters and rugby league fans – in support of growing the game here!

Yours in Rugby League, the Italia RFL

We have an Italia Cup

In an historic day in the rebuilding of Rugby League in Italy, the Italia RFL are proud to announce the Coppa Italia (Rugby a XIII). This is only the beginning in delivering our message of growth and development to the game of the game in Italy.

8 teams for Italia RFL will suffice in the first edition… All the staff of the Italia RFL have spent the winter to build the return of Rugby League in the months that were not strictly summer. We managed to keep the promise not to obstruct any Union activity – from which, remember, we (Rugby League players and staff) all come from.

But in the end, 8 courageous teams have accepted our proposal through playing Rugby League in a National competition, our inaugural Italia Cup (Coppa Italia), opening just as the old FIAR XIII had at the dawn of the ‘1960s- with commitments to more full-bodied summer. Commencing at a time when the best Rugby League Championships in the world start- NRL in Australia / New Zealand and Super League in England and France – also in Italy we resume with the 13.

As always, enjoyment is felt with our ambition to create interest, intrigue and become more professional.

The competition will be divided into 3 groups: Umbria, Lazio and Sicily. For each of the eliminations that will be played that will go out as the finalists for the date of 20 March, in Rome.

The teams involved will be:

  • UMBRIA Group – Etruschi Perugia and Grifoni Perugia, led by Andrew Tagliavento, player/trainer of Gladiators Roma that in July of last year had won the Italia RFL Championship against Magnifici Firenze.
  • LAZIO Group – Roma Rugby 2000 and Corsari Roma. Andrea Gabrielli and  the Vice-President of Italia RFL coordinate expansion of 13 in Lazio.
  • SICILIA Group – Cus Catania, Briganti Librino, Fenice Belpasso and Catania Rugby 2009. In Sicily blowing on the sails of Rugby League, Massimo Nicotra and Marco Suaria coaches of Spartans Catania, third in the 2010 finals and promoters of a sort of thirteen verve in Sicily Rugby.

Source: – Italia Rugby Football League

Update on Italian Rugby League

The Italia Rugby Football League began with a bang similar to an Independence Day fireworks event as the public announcement was officially published on July 4th – with the formation of this Rugby League Federation in Italy, hence the ITALIA RFL and the pathway for growth set.

The Campionato Italia Rugby League (iRFLeague) brought our code – Rugby a XIII to Central and Southern Italy for the very first time, involving teams from Roma, Tuscany (Florence) and Sicily (Catania). The creation of strict Rugby a XIII teams had been produced – seeing Gladiators Roma Rugby League, Magnifici Firenze Rugby XIII and (Spes) Spartans Catania Rugby XIII. With the fourth team being invited in the latter stages due to certain circumstances and very willing to take part in the rebirth of Rugby a XIII, which was a Serie C (amateur) Rugby club formed in 1980 known as Arvalia Villa Pamphili Rugby Roma’.

The iRFLeague was formed through the divide of an inaugural Italian (exhibition style) League with only 3 rounds allocated for the Northern and Central-Southern Conferences by the FIRL Federation, which teams were unhappy with. The majority of the stronger teams (together with 2 former members of the FIRL) quickly disagreed with the management behind it through many major and minor reasons, which than soon began the initial formation of the Italia Rugby Football League.

Despite disruptions – the ITALIA RFL were able to effectively organise the historic Television Coverage through a number of National and Local TV Companies for the iRFLeague Championship Grand Final in July. A huge outcome for a new or developing Rugby League Federation anywhere that helps spread the game of Rugby League and an awareness of the game.

Championship (Campionato) Overview:

The first round saw the momentous debut of Rugby League into the Central and South of Italy with the Magnifici Firenze Rugby XIII playing the Spes Spartans Catania XIII on Saturday 19th June 2010 (when Rugby League was strong in the 50s and 60s it was only in the North until the game was lost, until now!). The match was played in Florence at ‘Padovani’ – the home ground of the ‘Magnifici’ (Magnificants) with the home side earning victory against the travelling Spartans from Sicily – 28 to 16. The attendance was close to 300 interested new supporters.

The second round set the scene with the historic first match for a team representing Rome. The Gladiators Roma were ready to play their debut match at their home ground ‘Campo dell’Unione’ – against the Magnifici Firenze Rugby XIII on 26 June. The result showed the added benefit of having experience with the ‘new sport’ with Pierluigi Gentile guiding his new players – the Gladiators Captain/Coach who has played in the top Union Competition, but represented Italy for Rugby League previously. However Magnifici possess a Coach and Manager who has strong experience and contacts in Rugby also, currently playing for Aironi (a top Italian franchise). Gladiators won over Magnifici 58-22.

The third round of the iRFLeague installed a Sicily and Roma rivalry at the Spartans Catania home field (Campo Cittadella Universitaria), however it was not to be for Spes Spartans as they lost 38 to nil against a sharp Gladiators outfit, who sealed an iRFL Grand Final birth in their home city of Roma. The result set an iRFLeague Gran-Finale battle between Gladiators Roma XIII and Magnifici Firence XIII in 2 weeks in Rome. A pre-Grand Final match was played with Arvalia Villa Pamphili Roma and Spes Spartans Catania XIII.


The Gran-Finale Day was played on July 18 at Campo dell’Unione Capitolina in Rome – with a modern Roman battle set in the form of Gladiators Roma XIII and Magnifici Firenze XIII – with the winner being crowned Campioni Italia (iRFLeague Champions) and the ‘curtainraiser’ was between the newly invited Arvalia Villa Pamphili Roma Rugby and Spes Spartans Catania XIII for the right of 3rd place. Admission for the match was free to ensure a better attendance, however the end crowd was affected by scorching and abnormal European temperatures upward to 40*C in Rome!

The Spes Spartans Catania fielded a determined team against debutants Arvalia Villa Pamphili Rugby Roma that was were motivated to earn third place in the ‘iRFLeague Championship’ and managed to control most of the match. But Villa Pamphili earned respect to fight back late in the match. The final result was 42 – 14 to Spes Spartans Catania.

Just before the Grand Final kick-off – the Italia RFL had a minute silence in memory of Mr Giorgio de Angelis who was a man of any Rugby and Namau founder (died March 26), Namau is a kind sponsor of the Gladiators.

The Grand Final match was a tight tussle with the score at half time 16 to 10 for Gladiators. After the break through the leadership of captain Pierluigi the Romans showed good attacking displays to increase their lead, until the Ferraro coached Magnifici increased their determination and grit to score two tries in 5 minutes – locking up the scores at 22-22 with 15 minutes to go. The teams than reach boiling point minds began to heat up and ignite Italian fire, outcome was a temporary sin-binning on a Gladiators player and 5 minutes later a Magnifici player receiving a sin-bin. The match was heading into a MAGNIFICO ending, until Gladiators scored with 5 minutes left and 1 minute to go. The final result was 36-22, but a close and exciting match to show the attendance and beneficial for the live and delayed TV Coverage set for the Italia RFL.

The coaches were reported with these statements made:

Magnifici Firenze, Coach-President – Luigi Ferraro – “We did very well in terms of attitude, we didn’t let go until the end when we stayed with a man short for a yellow on our Captain Mafara. Also from the physical point of view we have held up well in the impact of the eighty minutes and one to one in both attack and defense we were able to keep up and sometimes exceed the gladiators though many of them play all season with more technical and athletic than ours. As a coach I am very satisfied with the evidence of all the guys, nobody has pulled back and put all that extra that was missing in the first ever trip to Rome with the Gladiators, and there has allowed to remain always in the game, we even passed the first lead and 15 minutes from the end we lost by 24-22.”

Gladiators Roma, Captain-Coach – Pierluigi Gentile “I am very pleased with our performance and how we played throughout the league. The Magnifici in just a few weeks have been able to improve so much and this does nothing but increase in me esteem for my fellow players, despite the resistance of opponents to hold on and take home the match. Now that the door is open, we hope to continue and develop this version of Rugby.”

The first championship cup of iRFLeague was delivered by Mrs de Angelis for the Gladiators, while a special award was presented to Mafara Simone for his playing closure “as a thirteen” after his long Rugby career.

iRFLeague Gran-Finale Day TV Coverage:

Historic live and delayed TV coverage for both of the Rugby League matches were invested in (despite barriers) and achieved by the Italia RFL that consisted of a number of local digital TV channels, including t9, teleroma56, supernova, Canale Zero, Telepontina and National Companies, which included Sport Italia and Sky Italia (highlights shown at later dates and interviews). The popular ‘Sport Italia 2’ showed highlights (coverage) on Sept 16 at 11.30pm for National TV Coverage.

The delayed (Rome Local) TV coverage was shown between the 1st and 14th of August with a series of broadcasted sessions of the iRFL Championship Grand Final between Gladiators and Magnifici. The TV coverage dates were set for 9pm Monday on Supernova, Wednesday 9pm Supernova, Friday 10pm on Canale Zero, Thursday 10.30pm on Telepontina and Sunday 3pm Telepontina.

Four Nations TV Coverage:

Another exciting move for TV coverage was the 2010 Four Nations Rugby League tournament being picked up in an arrangement with EUROSPORT 2 for not only Italy, but other countries in their network, including the likes of Germany and Spain (original press release on RLIS). This further benefited the IRFL cause by deliverering steady exsposure, promotion and knowledge of Rugby League in the country, while again spreading the game into the Italian Population.

Youtube Highlights:

Round 2 – Gladiators Roma Vs Magnifici Firenze

Round 3 -Gladiators Roma Vs Spartans Catania

The Italia Rugby Football League (IRFL) want to again thank everyone who was involved and committed to our cause of Rugby a XII. The players, technicians, medical staff, spectators, the RU clubs for allowing all players, blogs, all Italian and Rugby League media, sponsors and fans that gave us visibility and support this year! The doubters will be proven wrong in 2011 as planning has been well underway since August.

We are looking for even more Team Sponsors, but also new Federation sponsors for 2011, in particular jersey provider / sponsor – see this link for details.

Our new Website will be online soon at the current location –

Please join our Facebook and also Twitter pages.

Have a Happy New Years – Thank you – Regards the Italia Rugby Football League

Wales upsets France 12-11 to qualify for next years Four Nations

The Welsh Rugby League side have qualified for the 2011 Four Nations after they defeated the French side in a nail-biting contest to win the European Cup.

A 76th minute penalty from Lloyd White secured the win for the Welsh, and it ultimately proved to be the difference at the Stade Municipal in Albi.

The win means that Wales will get two homes games in next year’s Four Nations as they join Australia, England and New Zealand in the tournament for 2011.

Welsh executive chairman believes that their qualification will only reap positive benefits for Welsh Rugby League.

“This is massive for Wales Rugby League,” he said.

“Some people have compared it to winning the Six Nations in rugby union but I think it’s bigger.

“The win shows how far we’ve come in such a short time. It’s our biggest achievement ever.”

Iestyn Harris, whose impressive spell in charge of the side looks set to earn him the head job with the Crusaders in the coming days, was pleased with the result, but was already looking ahead to next year.

“I’m very, very pleased,” he said.

“To beat an extremely good French team full of Super League standard players on their own soil is an achievement in itself.

“Now for Wales Rugby League – which has gone through some dark times over the past four or five years – to be in an elite world competition next year with the three best nations is a testament to everyone involved.

“It’s up to the powers that be now to decide whether we get a mid-season Test against one of the big three and there’s the prospect of the Four Nations after that.”

Gold Coast Rugby League player sacked for drug use

An NRL player on the Gold Coast has become Australia’s first sportsman to be officially banned for the use of cannabis.

The Queensland Rugby League, more commonly known as the QRL, has banned William Morunga of the Gold Coast Vikings from participating in games, training, and banned from coaching, management positions, and all NRL related positions.

The Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority collected a sample from Morunga in-competition on June 16.

The particular sample that was taken, “returned an adverse analytical finding for a metabolite of cannabis”.

Morunga is now the first Australian case that has involved a professional athlete committing a third anti-doping violation which under the World Anti-Doping Code usually invokes a lifetime ban.

Morunga, who was in strife once the result came out, had previously received two bans on separate occasions for having cannabis in his presence for New Zealand touch.

His first violation, following a test on March 5, 2005 resulted in a two-month ban and his second, following a test on March 4, 2006, resulted in a two-year ban.

Morunga’s ban started on September 14.

Prime Minister’s XIII win in scrappy game against spirited PNG side

The Australian Prime Minister’s XIII have come away with victory over a spirited PNG Kumuls side in what was regarded as a scrappy affair.

The PM’s XIII scored 6 tries to the Kumuls 3 as a packed crowd watched the game at Lloyd Packer Stadium in Port Moresby as the final score ended up being 30-18.

It was the Kumuls who came out the stronger side showing their determination and exuberance in attack as they looked threatening in the first half.

The Kumuls went into the break 4-0 up, but lost control and simply couldn’t compete with a resurgent PM XIII’s side.

The game was played in quite hot conditions, and the weather, along with the aggressive style of play adopted by the Kumuls restriced the PM XIII’s side to just 30 points.

The now annual clash between two of the nations in the Four Nations Tournament, was simply a teaser of the breath-taking football that we’re about to witness in the tournament.

Parramatta’s Ben Smith, South Sydney halfback Chris Sandow and North Queensland Cowboys’ Willie Tonga were among the try scorers for the Kangaroos.

Preston Campbell throws up idea of retirement should Titans win premiership

Preston Campbell has today declared that should the Gold Coast Titans win the NRL premiership this year, that he is ready to retire.

Campbell, who was the Titans first signing upon their inception, revealed how he is secretly tossing up the idea of retirement depending on the Titans success in the remaining games of the NRL.

Should he exit, his departure would be unexpected, but he would join fellow stalwart Mat Rogers in retirement.

In order to reward their experienced duo however, the Titans will need to win this week’s game against the Roosters, and then the Grand Final game.

“If we win, that could be it for me, I’ve been thinking about that,” Campbell said.

“I haven’t made my mind up yet but it’s definitely on the table, we’ll see what happens.

“To finish like that would be incredible.

“The only guy I remember doing that is Shane Webcke at (Brisbane) Broncos (2006).

“My mind and heart are still really fresh but I know you can’t go on forever. My body’s not slowing down but it’s getting harder … it takes longer to recover.”

Campbell, who still has a niggling hamstring injury cost him a spot in the clubs opening finals game, but the 33 year old is adamant that he will feature in this week’s game against the Roosters, and feature in his teams side.

Despite his confidence that he will play however, if he feels that there is any doubt regarding his injury, he will gladly step aside so that the Titans aren’t left with 16 men on game day.

Whilst the option of playing on in 2011 remains, Campbell has already held talks with CEO Michael Searle about possibly closing the curtains on his illustrious 13 year career.

With boom back William Zillman firing on all cylinders, Campbell has no problems stepping aside, and he feels that the time to step away from the game is getting closer.

I’ve spoken to Searley a lot, he’s always known,” he said.

“I haven’t talked to Carty (John Cartwright) about it, but I think he knows how I’m feeling.”

“They’ve always let me know that I can stay for as long as I want much or less. That’s great to know, it makes you feel comfortable”.

“I want to make sure that the club is in good hands, and I think it is now with William Zillman and Shannon Walker here. I want to do the best thing by the club.”

“I don’t want to just hand it to them, but it will get to the stage where it will be the right time to go”.

Winning the NRL premiership in 2010 would cap off an amazing year for the livewire fullback, who was the captain of the Indigenous All Stars team, an idea that he brought up and is credited with.

Should he end his career at the end of 2010, it will be comforting, given that he started his career with the now defunct Gold Coast Chargers in 1998.

He has two Dally M’s to his name having won one with the Cronulla Shark sin 2001, and the second with the Penrith Panthers in 2003, their premiership winning season.

The star fullback has said that when he does retire, he will play local footy on the Gold Coast.

However, like fellow Titans player Mat Rogers, he will still keep his options open, and if the Titans need a player, he will gladly step in to fill that role.

“I won’t play Queensland Cup because that’s a feeder system for the NRL, and I don’t want to stand in anyone’s path,” Campbell says.

“But I’d like to keep running around locally”.