NRL investigates Broncos Cap Situation
As reported by NRL News yesterday the, the situation at the Broncos has firmed from rumour stage to panic stage for officials and fans alike. The NRL has now officially stepped in to investigate their 2006 books and apparently the problem relates to Darren Lockyer and cash payments. Stayed Tuned for more info from NRL News. We also touch on the following topics in this post:

Lote loss
Titans: Walker win Parra: Hindmarsh and Cayless locked in to 2010, and Ian Hindmarsh safe to play-on Penrith: Pritchard Situation
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If the Broncos are guilty, should they lose the NRL Title for 2006 or should points be deducted for 2007? Please leave your comments below. (No sign up needed)

Cap rumour sees spoon betting on Broncos
Conspiracy theory loving NRL punters have started a betting plunge on 2006 NRL Premiers the Brisbane Broncos to take the NRL Wooden Spoon in 2007. As a rumour sweeps through mostly Queensland, bookies may look to halt betting on the NRL wooden spoon market as things heat up. NRL Salary Cap auditing results are to be released shortly. Click here for full article.

Paul ‘Fatty’ Vautin Cops $300,000 paycut as Sterlo leaves
Today NRL Rugby League news looks at the Rugby League Footy Show for 2007. Sadly, with the on-going cost cutting at Channel 9 TV Studios – it seems the Rugby League Footy Show has become the next victim. Cutbacks have seen the Rugby League variety show lose one of it’s most admired panel members in Peter ‘Sterlo’ Sterling. The other major change sees lead panelist Paul ‘Fatty’ Vautin lose almost half of his estimated $600,000 yearly pay. Click here for full article info.

We’d like to hear from readers, who is your favourite Footy Show panel member? Will you miss Sterlo? Please click comment below.

Wayne Bennett Talks NRL and Salaries
NRL News Rugby League

In one of the better articles of this year, Wayne Bennett writes a column regarding the Sonny Bill Williams re-signing and how NRL Rugby League salaries are skyrocketing. Bennett also talks about Sonny Bill Williams and comparisons with Andrew Johns and Darren Lockyer.
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NRL News
Sonny a Dog for 5 more years
Bulldogs superstar Sonny Bill Williams today resigned with the Bulldogs for a contract term of 5 years, with a total value estimated at 2 million dollars. Sonny Bill Williams discusses the reasoning behind the new Rugby League Contract and what eventually made his mind up. Speculation was rife the Dogs may lose Sonny Bill Williams to the NZ Warriors or possibly the UK. However this is a major boost for the Bulldogs and for Rugby League in general. Click here for full article.
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NRL News Report
Bring Back the Post Try Celebration
Today looks back at the rugby league post try celebration. What started as a simple theme created by the Footy Show, turned into an exciting and highly anticipated component of an NRL game. Fans were craving the new form of NRL entertainment. We look at how the post try celebration died off and discuss why the NRL should bring it back. We are also running an NRL News Poll for the first time, so be sure and participate. Click here for article or Click here for NRL News Poll

NRL News Report
Storm Warning: The Future is Bright
Today NRL News looks back over the Melbourne Storm and their massive achievements after nearly 10 years in the NRL Rugby League Competition. With their NRL trial game form in 2007 absolutely scintilating – we at NRL News believe these guys can get even better. We talk about their battles through drug scandals, low crowds and constant attacks by NRL personalities like Ray Hadlee and Denis Fitzgerald. Expect records to be broken when these guys take to the NRL this season. Click here for full NRL News article.

NRL News Report
Contract Discussions Hurting Dog Bond

Today NRL News has a look at the Bulldogs and how tense contract discussions between Sonny Bill Williams and Mark O’Meley are hurting the club. NRL News discusses how relationships between Willie Mason and the two players in question have been damaged and how this deal will affect the Bulldogs long term. As Bulldogs management sets a 1 week deadline for both players to re-sign, will Malcom Noad and his officials successfully defuse to the situation or potentially see more big name NRL players leave the Bulldogs for greener Rugby League pastures.

NRL News
Knights Thriving under Brian Smith Regime
NRL News today received word from a Newcastle Knights source regarding the state of play inside the Knights camp.

With Brian Smith taking control this year after several seasons under Michael Hagan, much has been said about the Andrew Johns / Brian Smith relationship and how the controlling nature of Brian Smith would affect the usually relaxed style we see from the Knights.
It seems the Knights could really excel in NRL Season 2007 – word has it that players are enjoying the new policies. Players are taking more knowledge from training sessions, and Brian Smith has arranged a food delivery scheme for players to receive specialised meals three times a day.
Knights players have also whispered about the fact that the installment of Smith as coach has reduced the control wielded by Andrew Johns during the Hagan years. Apparently players were occasionally frustrated by the influence Johns had over the team, as he would pick and choose sessions to attend, arrive late and never have to answer to the coach.
Smith’s initiatives have led to many players improving their playing weight and individual fitness levels are at their peak. This rang true in the recent trial against Cronulla, where the Knights hung on for the majority of the match and were able to steal the win at the death.
Another new initiative was the Newcastle Knights forward pack being sent away to train with the NSW Tactical Response Group. The Knights big men were put through brutal routines with the Police’s elite squad and have relished the challenges and have enjoyed the experience.
While NRL News believes all the early signs for the Knights are positive, we eagerly await the Knights’ performance in the NRL with Brian Smith guiding from the watchtower.
NRL News Article Sunday Night 4th March 11.59pm

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