NRL News Rules

As per the Facebook page, the shoutbox featured here on NRL News is subject to the same guidelines. And the forums will also been scrutinised in the same manner when they launch. Some quick rules that we would like you to follow.

Note: When using the shoutbox, your font must not be any larger than 13, and if your colours clash so it is difficult to read. You will be asked to change it so please respectfully do so.

– No offensive comments against fellow members, NRL players amp; coaches, or anyone involved with the NRL.

– No foul language of any nature.

– If you wish to advertise a page, you must first do two things. A) Ensure that the page and its material, are of an NRL nature (if it isn’t, you won’t get to step two). B) You need to inbox Ricardo, and ask if it’s alright to promote/advertise your page, after it’s looked at it, and deem it as acceptable. General links in the shoutbox are acceptable, however spamming is not welcomed.

– There are to be no discussions of material that have nothing to do with rugby league, unless an admin, approves such a discussion.

– No deliberate baiting or jibing another member into an argument that escalates into one of the above.

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– No duplicate threads. Before you post a thread, check to see if there is already something on the matter on the page. If there isn’t, it’ll be moved to the appropriate thread.

– This is an NRL page, so I expect everyone to talk about the NRL and the NRL only, unless I (Ricky), say so. I don’t want to hear about people’s wives, or their personal lives on this page. Your post/s will be deleted, if you do this.

– Refrain from posting excessively in capitals. I’ll warn you and delete your post if you do breach that.

Also note, repeat offenders (that is, people who break any one of the rules three successive times after being given warnings), you’ll be banned. For how long, that’ll be up to admins.

If you are found to have breached any of these rules, then the comment will be deleted and you will be warned or banned, if you have already been warned on another occasion. This is up to the admins to decide.

If you have any questions in regards to why someone was banned, why you were banned, why your comment was deleted etc, then please message an admin, instead of making a further comments in the shoutbox.

On a final note, be aware that these rules are the primary ones, and that other rules of a smaller nature, do exist. Let’s hope that this sets the record straight, and we don’t see any more hullabaloo like we have seen in the past.

Thank you.

Administrator team at NRLNEWS

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