Broncos Strip Goes High Tech

Brisbane enlist the assistance of Nike to develop a jersey with cutting edge fabric technology. Stick under arm fabric for safe ball carriage and chamois panels on shorts to keep palms dry – The 2006 Premiers top it off with the addition of several new sponsors. Click here for more.

By ricky

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  1. This sounds like an awesome idea for the Broncos. Wonder how long before other teams follow. Ingenious!

  2. i cant believe how the broncos will run with a sponsor on the rear of their shirts. spose they can command big $$$ with their win last year. smart move as well.

  3. yeah all good news up in qld. shame bunnies boys Russ Crowe and Co can’t see the same potential. instead they cut the babe patrol!

  4. this is huge news for sure, sounds like something out of the NFL in the USA. wish my sharkies had thought of this, god knows we need all the help we can get.hahaha.

  5. your sharkies DO need help, all you got is hot cheerleaders and even your leagues club is a grandstand. have you ever won the comp?

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