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In one of the better articles of this year, Wayne Bennett writes a column regarding the Sonny Bill Williams re-signing and how NRL Rugby League salaries are skyrocketing. Bennett also talks about Sonny Bill Williams and comparisons with Andrew Johns and Darren Lockyer.
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  1. Look – love or hate this man, Wayne Bennett knows Rugby League. He is an astute coach and sums up the SBW saga very well. Interesting to see his comments about Lote as well.

  2. hmmm I dont see how Bennett can make these comments when we all know he was set to join the Roosters last year! Man, this old bugger is a pot calling the kettle black. BIG TIME.

  3. enjoyed the read, imagine the guys at the Bulldogs all talking about SBW’s wages! I know I would be frustrated if SBW is on the sidelines every 2nd week and I am carting the ball up hard and straight. Doesn’t make for a happy home at Belmore I reckon.

    Hey Akuma you must be kidding, who supports the Raiders these days? Maybe Dane Tilse’s mum?

  4. bennett you are too old and have no idea of the world today.

    go on, retire! 20 years in one job is WAY TOO LONG..

  5. yeah this is hard to take from Bennett after he explored moving to the Roosters last year.
    footballers all have a limited life span, they need to earn hard or they’ll see wasted opportunities.

  6. you can see how wayne bennett is like a father to all his players. i can see why a guy with his personality or should I say mentality can get the most out of his squad and they would perform and respect him for that

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