Exclusive Interview with Joe Galuvao
NRLnews.com chats with Joe Galuvao about Souths in 2007. Big depth and high motivation are positive signs from the Redfern bunker. Click here for full article.

By ricky

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  1. didnt realise that big joe wasnt in for rnd 1. cant wait to see him in action! i miss him, as im a panthers fan! come back to penrith joe

  2. i always thought big joe would be a genuine bloke. i do love thw way he hits it up – hard to stop!

  3. i think it’s a bit silly of souths not to have joe galovau in the starting side. and dean widders is coming off the bench? I really think these two guys need to start in the forward pack – what damaging 2nd rowers they would be together!

  4. ballboy I agree. souths are not that good yet to be able to leave these two guys out of the starting side.

    interesting to see how they go against the chooks on Mon night. No doubt the Chooks will be fired up!

  5. this puts a lot of pressure on Asotasi. He is carrying the hopes of thousands.

    especially when the scrumbase combo isnt gel’ing yet

  6. ooooh wilson, that’s harsh – but probably true.

    scrumbase of bunnies is the key for sure – if williams and smith fire – the skys the limit

  7. hey who do you think will have the biggest crowd support at aussie stadium on Monday night? I think the Bunnies will being that all their supporters will come out of the closet for a big game – will be a massive overall crowd due to 7.30 start after city folk finish work.

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