Sonny Bill Williams and Candice Falzon in Toilet?

Dunny Bill Williams!?

The aftermath of the Sonny Bill Williams and Candice Falzon toilet saga is a sad Falzon going into hiding with her parents to escape the intense media spotlight. What really was an innocent photo snapped in the mens cubicle at the Clovelly Hotel has turned into a nightmare for Sonny Bill and Candice.

Candice spoke for the first time about the situation, and in tears the sportswoman said “I’ve made a mistake and I am very sorry about it”.

“Nothing happened, it’s been blown out of proportion” Falzon pleaded.

Some of the Bulldogs squad, including Williams, Willie Mason, Ben Roberts and Reni Matua, chose to have some quiet beers at one of their regular spots – the Clovelly Hotel, which was pumping at the time due to a large influx of customers trying to escape the rain.

Falzon has a history of sports stars in her life; and it’s been reported she had flings with: Braith Anasta, Matt Henjack, David Carney and possibly Daniel MacPherson of Neighbours fame.

It was also reported that Falzon had also spent time that night with Bulldogs half Ben Roberts, and spent some time on the dance floor and got very up close and personal with the Doggies rookie.

Sonny Bill Williams is also in damage control, trying to keep his relationship with Kiwi girl Gemma Shaw in tact after the photos from Clovelly went public.

It’s a shame for Sonny Bill Williams to have been brought into the spotlight again, as all reports from the Clovelly hotel suggest he is always friendly and polite and never gets rowdy when drinking. Sadly in this age, anything of interest will well and truely spread like wildfire – and so we have DunnyGate or Dunny Bill Williams!

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  1. come on stop underplaying sonny bill williams role in this. It is a shame he has been brought into the spotlight? Do you think he was not present in his little tryst? Get real. So she has dated other sports players? Do we think sbw has not engaged in this type of behaviour before? Does it matter if it was previously sports players? I think not. I believe she is single, and he is in a relationship, the sooner his gal wakes up the better, however if she has not by now, it is too late for her. Personally I could not care less who engages with whom in their spare time, and rugb is a game I cannot bare to watch, but the biased sexism toward Candice is outrageous. The Chaser was spot on in their analysis of the Bulldogs; rugby supporters seem seriously deluded individuals!

  2. I think she’s an absolute disgrace – 2 guys in one night and they both happen to be football players – she should have some more class being in the public eye all the time… I find it quite amusing that they did get caught!

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