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Broncos crash Joey’s Party
Broncos 20 def Knights 16
Info: The class of Lockyer got the the Broncos home after a valiant effort by the Knights. The Broncos weren’t stunning but did enough to eclipse the clumsy Knights. Some poor mistakes cost the Knights badly and more focus could have seen them win this one. The crowd and the occasion added to the pressure, but the Broncos looked to want it more and did just that. Tony Carroll has picked up an injury, and the forwards from Brisbane did well to cover in his absence. Test stars did well to back up and for the Knights – Gidley was again the standout in everything he did. Mad Dog also put it a big effort, which was needed after some of his recent showings.

Dogs outlast Eels in thriller
Bulldogs 21 def Eels 18
Info: Missing SBW and Ben Roberts a rusty Bulldogs did enough to overcome the Eels. The Eels really would be kicking themselves after losing this one. Have near 60% possession in the first half and only leading by 4 was always a worrying sign. The Bulldogs hung tough and a rampant Willie Mason was the spring board for the Dogs revival. Sherwin got his shot in the top grade, but looked very rusty – it was a some energetic injections by Luke Patten to get the Dogs going and some nice hustle from Trent Cutler after a shocking early start for the youngster. Finch was a standout for the Eels after some poor showings and laid on the first try and scored the other through running plays. Dogs had the nerve in the clutch and the Eels pulled the wrong plays for the time.

Manly monster Titans
Manly 20 def Titans 6
Info: Manly’s rock solid defence was finally complemented by stunning attack. Brilliant Eagles. Manly finally showed their attacking power today and totally outgunned the Titans in all departments. Orford made a safe return, and the Stewart brothers were in everything for the Eagles. The Titans looked rudderless at times and simply didn’t have the spark, full credit for Manly for once again winning the forward battle and putting another team to the sword. The Titans will be keen to head home for some cooked meals and will face the hurting Eels on the Coast this week.

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