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Rugby League discussions coming out of this weekend so far:

Manly remaining undefeated after 6 rounds. The Eagles have really come together as a unit and are defending that way consistently.

John Cartwright storming into the Video Referee’s box to question a Manly try awarded after a blatent obstruction. Carty will find himself in hot water for this one – certainly a throw back to yesteryear as the former Penrith hardman went head hunting at Brookvale. I can imagine the little video referee cowering in the corner in the fetal position as big Carty yelled sweet nothings at him.

Jarryd Hayne from the Eels alledgedly shaking the goal posts during a Hazem El Masri attempt at Parramatta Stadium. Hayne was questioned about the incident after complaints – but denies involvement.

Newcastle continue to look good despite missing Andrew Johns. Interestly, the style of play and mood at Newcastle is not that of previous Brian Smith outfits. The vision of the dressing sheds from half time showed Smith roaming the room instructing the players – with all players standing and chatting between themselves. A far cry from the school teacher scenes of the past from Brian Smith sides.

South Sydney managing to hide from publicity leading into tonights Monday night blockbuster with North Queensland. The Bunnies after 3 wins and rock solid defence early – have lost their past 2 games and conceded an average of 26+ points a game in their last two outings. Taylor and his men will want to win tonight to keep the media at bay.

Penrith losing their way in 2007 after another loss. Facing Melbourne is always tough, but the Matt Elliot coached side – showed some good promise early and have gone off the rails in the past few weeks. Take away their last second win against the Broncos and the Panthers look even worse. Their must be some concern amongst Penrith faithful and they need some confidence fast.

West Tigers are enjoying the weekend off, after finally getting a win against the Sharks they need to focus as they face some tough opposition in the coming weeks. Opponents include: Bulldogs and Storm. The Tigers face a mammoth task, but should they get some wins against some big names – it will really set them back on the right path. Evergreen winger Jason Moodie seems to be finding the going pretty tough this year and is a yard or so off the pace, look for Sheens to keep him on the bench and possibly out of the top team as time moves on.

NZ Warriors also having the week off have the enviable position of being able to keep out of the Sydney media. The Warriors are looking the goods in 2007 and have been the team closest to knocking Manly off – after an unlucky loss at Brooky. The Warriors will enjoy the extra time to get over niggly injuries and be fresh for their assault next week on the Rabbitohs in Sydney.

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