Sam Newman Sex Re-enactment with Air Hostess

Some footy humour here – I couldn’t resist putting this video up even for NRL fans to see. Even though it’s by the AFL guys – featuring AFL Footy Show funny guy Sam Newman – it’s a classic. Newman decided to re-enact the Qantas sex in the toilet / lavatory saga where Ralph Fiennes the actor got up close and personal with Qantas Air Hostess Lisa Robertson. A fully see through – airline toilet / cubicle was built by Channel 9 and Newman hops in for a go. (Funny stuff starts about 30 – 40 seconds into the video)

Sam Newman is in trouble and copping plenty of press about this skit on the Channel 9 Melbourne Footy show. Some may find Newman’s antics offensive but others may be rolling around the floor in laughter. You be the judge! Look at the video, and feel free to comment on the video in the shout box or using the comments option below this post.

By ricky

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