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Another major upset:
Raiders demolish Penrith 34 – 18

The unpredictable results of NRL in 2007 continues, with the Raiders travelling to Penrith and putting the Panthers to the sword. Matt Elliot will have nightmares about his old side coming to town and putting the blow torch on; Penrith quite simply put in the worst effort of any team this year.

After playing so poorly, Penrith didn’t even win the fight in the last 5 minutes. Thurling and Priddis got into a fight after a scrum, and after Priddis dished out a face slap – Thurling unloaded with a flurry of punches and smashed Priddis directly with at least two hits.

Priddis was stunned and tried to laugh it off – but the truth of the matter was he and his side were never in the hunt or fight.

Elliot will have a tough week of soul searching with club – confidence will be shot to pieces after this one. The Raiders meanwhile keep chipping away. Neil Henry while trying to find consistency – must be congratulated for finding the right tactics and having his players employ them to the letter.

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