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Cowboys end Manly Streak
North Queensland 30 def Manly 26

The score doesn’t really reflect how the Cowboys dominated this match – skill, guile and unrelenting passion from the Cowboys saw them stop Manly in their tracks and provide the Eagles with their first loss this year.

The Cowboys unleashed some sensational set plays involving the Bowen boys and JT – but it was the unbreakable defence that ultimately won them the match. Early possession favoured the Manly boys, but forced kicks from Monaghan caused by frustration from the Cowboys defence saw Manly come away empty handed each time.

Its the first time an opposition pack has dominated the Manly forwards and Tronc, Southern and Cashmere deserve praise for a big effort. More respectable considering they were without Webb and O’Donnell.

Manly had some nice patches, mostly in broken play – but Stewart was thawted everytime he got room and scrambling from the Cowboys was desperate. Manly got close midway through the second half, but dropped ball and ill-discipline saw the Cowboys grab the momentum back and run away with the game.

The other exciting part for the Cowboys was the try results from set pieces. Scrum moves involving Jason Smith and limited tries from kicks – always makes the team and coach much more satisfied with the victory. For Manly – the opposite. Apart from the late consolation tries, several tries from kicks and some luck – aren’t ideal in attack and they’ll need to work on this area for better results moving forward.

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