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The forgotten man – Monaghan

As debate rages over who should be the NSW half back for this years Origin – one man who hasn’t been mentioned, the form half of the first 5 rounds Michael Monagahan.

Talk has revolved around Brett Kimmorley, Matt Orford, Craig Gower and even young gun Jarrod Mullen. NSW needs to get the decision 100% right as they face the might of Queensland’s Lockyer and Thurston.

Monaghan’s form this year in the absence of Ox Orford has simply been stunning. Deft kicks, superb organisational play and an uncanny knack of deciding the best time to run to the line or pass – has been his trademark. Who could forget his classy chip and chase to setup the Manly win over the Bulldog’s earlier this season.

Monaghan is a tough, durable player who would cope with the pressure of the big game. He has been in spotlight since leaving Canberra several years ago and has handled himself very well since.

Give the journey man a chance I say, he wouldn’t let anyone down.

Who should be the NSW no. 7 ? We’d love to hear your feedback.

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  1. Provided they select a 5/8 who can kick for distance, you gotta go with Orford. He is the only player amongest the current field who you can count on. Kimmorley lost it for us in ’05, Gower couldn’t make an impact in ’06 and Mullen/Mongahan are untested at any kind of representative level. Even their finals experience is limited.

    Enough of this “Orford doesn’t perform in the pressure situations”. Anyone who remembers the Friday night games at Brookvale last year against the Wests Tigers and Canterbury knows that he has the class to mix up his game between chancing his arm and knowing when to play conservatively. I have no doubt that he would bring this mentality to the Origin stage.

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