Todd Carney police pursuit, Canberra ACT

Behave? Can he or Carney?
Adam Sutcliffe

Well we’re at it again. Todd Carney ‘The Hot Pursuit’ saga. Only 5 months ago the talented Canberra Raiders half was charged with doing burnouts in his car and being under the influence of alcohol while doing so.

Well he is obviously a car buff, because the Canberra kid was at it again – this time behind the wheel of teammate Steve Irwin’s Ute. Carney was apparently driving Irwin home, as Irwin had consumed a few drinks and didn’t want to risk driving.

During the trip, Police have attempted to pull the pair over for one reason or another – and Carney has panicked and hit the gas. Naturally the police have engaged in a pursuit and as they closed in on Carney and cornered the vehicle – he has taken off on foot, leaving Irwin to do the talking.

The Canberra half showed all his speed and successfully outran the Police, pretty hard to expect the Police to keep up with a first grade footballer. The next day Carney turned himself in to the Canberra police and was ready to face the music.

Lets get serious for a moment here. Ok, so the kid is young and is entitled to make mistakes – but why, regardless of circumstances would he get behind the wheel when he only 5 months ago was banned from driving for 5 years? It is so inconceivable that someone could be so stupid, let alone someone in the public spotlight who would easily be recognised in traffic. Any number of people sitting in Canberra traffic could have looked out their window and seen Carney sitting at the lights!

Well it’s hurt the kid big time now. We await the decision of Canberra officials as to whether they keep the talented star in the Canberra Raider ranks. Carney’s mum today sent a letter and contacted Raiders management to plea for leniency. Does he deserve it? We’d like to hear your view.

One things for sure, if it was a nuff nuff player – the Raiders would bone him for sure. However, it’s their future star here and kicking him out will hurt the player and the club. Can the Raiders handle the bad publicity either way?

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