We’ve had a massive bundle of emails today from NRL News readers, regarding State of Origin Game 2 Lineups and who should and shouldn’t be there.

NSW halfback spot was a big talking point, as was the bench. Many also thought Brett White and Jamie Lyon didn’t earn their keeps in Game 1. Obviously the emails regarding the Queensland Maroons State of Origin side centered around keeping the same side, however some mentioned Matt Bowen to be fitted in somewhere.

Here are some samples of comments in the emails we have received:

Ryan T (NSW): “Kimmorley is a smart choice, he has experience and is a tough and durable no.7”
Ben M (QLD): “The aggression from us in Game 1 was perfect, will be hard to replicate in Sydney.”
Chris L (QLD): “Matt Bowen had to be given a run somewhere, he is a super star or even sub”
Matt N (NSW): “Lyon didn’t do enough in game 1. He isn’t quite up to NRL fitness and nous yet”
Peter W (NSW): “Brett White needs to really lift after getting bashed in game 1. Last chance”
Daniel T (NSW): “Selectors got it right, Toupu had to go and Bird is a good scrapper. Happy!”
Andy K (QLD): “Telstra is a hard task, regardless of Teams – 82,000 cockroaches! Scary!”

By ricky

3 thoughts on “State of Origin Lineups Game 2”
  1. although im a broncos supporter tait should be dropped he made too many mistakes in game 1 bring in rogers

  2. think its spelt ‘Tate’ man.

    but your right tate, hasn’t done a lot.

    i think rogers could be good, i reckon put Karmichael on the wing or centres and bring Bowen into fullback (Or Slater before he was injured)

  3. Tate sucks! i’m a union man rogers in the secret wepon! i think. Tate made so many mistakes man in origin 1! rogers is a heaps good player! keep my comment in mind if u’ve got 1! haha joking!

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