As we move closer to tomorrow nights State of Origin 3 at Suncorp Stadium, there has been plenty of talk out of the NSW Blues camp regarding coach Graham Murray.

The rumor mill is in overdrive, talking about player revolts, unhappiness and poor game plans. This could actually be a ploy to fire up the NSW Blues side even more, at this stage it’s unclear. Some sources point to Willie Mason starting the uprising against Graham Murray, but really it could all be a PR stunt.

The NSW Blues will need every ounce of passion, skill and even some luck to take the victory from Suncorp tomorrow night. While Queensland Maroons have secured the series victory, I can’t recall a Game 3 with so much attention and interest riding on the result.

Interestingly Chris Close and Queensland Maroon sources have brought up the 2000 Series Origin in which NSW under Wayne Pearce won the series 3-0. The final game seeing a blowout scoreline and the now famous Bryan Fletcher ‘grenade’ post try celebration. Chris Close led the charge of unhappiness over the ‘disrespectful’ showing.

With Choppy bringing up old baggage and the NSW camp possibly using PR to fire everyone up – at least it makes for a very interesting game.

While the game is in Queensland and the Maroons will be Origin favourites – seems to think the NSW Blues can still get the cash. Some poor referee calls and bad bounces have seen the NSW Blues miss some chances in Game 1 and 2 and surely the luck must fall their way this time around.

Prediction NSW by 4 points.

By ricky

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