The talk may be shifting away from Chris Anderson to Brad Fittler and even Phil Gould – but what really happened at the Roosters?

So far the media has been fairly kind to the Roosters and Anderson since the two parted ways earlier this week. When NRL clubs and coaches part ways – most times the divorce gets very messy and everyone knows about it.

Chris Anderson cited health reasons for his departure this week and after a horror 2007 season; few could argue that Anderson hadn’t aged another 10 years in his 6 months at the Roosters.

After suffering a heart attack during an Australian Kangaroo’s game in 2001, there is no question Anderson needs to look after himself. Did the media really buy the story that Anderson quit? Were they scared to disagree with the health reasoning from Anderson? Well, the truth is anyones guess.

However there has been some mail coming out of the Roosters camp suggesting that the decision may not have been made entirely by Chris Anderson. After poor results continued to ensue, it is rumored that Roosters management and some of the Roosters players spoke privately regarding the situation at Bondi. It is not known who approached who – but the comments were centered around Anderson and his apparent ‘laid back’ approach to training and match planning.

Some players argued his style seemed a little outdated; however the Roosters board persisted with Chris Anderson until the recent flogging by Manly.

Apparently soon after the Manly thrashing; Roosters management approached Chris Anderson and discussed his future. Anderson was to be sacked on the Thursday this week (July 12th). It is not known whether Anderson ambushed the Roosters by resigning earlier or whether it was an agreed move by the two parties.

Either way, it’s obvious that Nick Politis and his boys continue to have strong involvement at most levels within the Roosters ranks. The whole situation made worse, as bitter inner city rivals South Sydney continue to go from strength to strength – on and off the field.

As the dust settles and Freddy Fittler takes over; many are waiting for Gus Gould to get involved with the club once again. Gould has stated publicly “Freddy is his own man, and I won’t be discussing NRL with him” – however, this would be a silly approach from Gould and there is no question his experience would be valuable to both Freddy and the Roosters. (Surely privately the former mates would be helping each other out)

Fittler apparently has 8 weeks as caretaker to prove himself; even if the budding coach succeeds and is able to secure a role for next year and beyond – fireworks will surely fly, if the day comes when Nick Politis has to sack one of Bondi’s favourite sons.

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