The on air warfare between 2GB continuous call members Bob Fulton and Darryl Brohman looks to have been ended by 2GB supremo John Singleton today.

Singleton became involved as the saga continued on; with Brohman awaiting a personal apology from Bob Fulton over being called a ‘coward’ in his years of NRL and how he handled the Les Boyd elbow incident.

John Singleton has asked Darryl Brohman to put the issue behind him after Bob Fulton apologised on the the Ray Hadlee morning show earlier this week. Singleton suggested that after spending so much time together each week; it was only a matter of time before some of the Continuous Call team had arguments with each other.

It seems the source of Bob Fultons emotion over the issue stemmed from a phone call on air between Brohman and the wife of Les Boyd – Judy. In his eyes, Fulton believed that Brohman had crossed the line and acted inappropriately towards Judy Boyd with comments over the elbow incident from over 20 years ago.

With Fulton himself admitting he got way too emotional about the whole issue and was wrong to call Brohman a coward over the situation.

The war between the two men has probably been a beautiful little publicity spinner for the smart Singleton and his 2GB station. John Singleton the master of PR, has had this little bit of gold fall into his lap.

Personally I find the Continuous Call team on 2GB spend too many of their hours talking about each other and not the quality NRL on show – a decent alternative being the ABC coverage featuring: David Morro / Warren Boland / Warren Ryan – a combination for a more serious and in-depth approach to NRL.

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