Reports today that Channel 9 are chasing FOX Sports commentator Laurie Daley in an effort to sure up their Rugby League stocks for 2008.

Laurie Daley is the no.2 man over at FOX Sports behind the very talented Warren Smith. Daley not only calling the premier Monday Night NRL game on FOX, but also co-hosting the NRL on FOX program on Wednesday nights – a show that enjoys a much stronger following among NRL enthusiasts than the variety based Footy Show on Channel 9.

Reports suggest Channel 9 want Laurie Daley to co-host the Footy Show with Matthew Johns in 2008 – meaning long time host Paul Vautin could be lost to the show altogether. The Footy Show on Channel 9 has endured horror ratings for several years now, with many serious NRL fans switching off – as Channel 9 continue to show a variety style Footy Show; where games, singing and topical affairs are discussed and NRL analysis is hardly touched on.

FOX has been setting the standard for NRL commentary and weekly shows – leading the way with the likable Warren Smith and supported by a panel including: Wayne Pearce, Gary Freeman, Gordon Tallis and Adrian Lam. The success for FOX lying in the fact they televise a stack of ‘live’ games and follow it up with weekly informative NRL programming – such as NRL Teams on Tuesdays, NRL on FOX Wednesdays and Super League on Thursdays attracting a strong following among diehard NRL folk.

Channel 9 were also given a scare on Friday night as no. 2 commentator Andrew Voss was struck down mid-game with food poisoning. The commentary left to novice off-siders Ben Ikin and Mark Geyer – as the public was again treated to comedy capers and amateurism rather than quality NRL calling.

Not only is Channel 9 finding things hard, the Continuous Call team on Radio 2GB are also struggling too – not only with the Brohman and Fulton feud – but with keeping on the topic of NRL. Similar to the Channel 9 Footy Show – The Continuous Call team including Ray Hadlee, Bob Fulton and Darryl Brohman continue to talk less football every week; preferring to chat about dagwood dogs, the pecking order of their crew and all things non-NRL related for hours on end. Opposition over at the ABC must be thanking their lucky stars as the public tune into real NRL analysis with Warren Ryan and the team.

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3 thoughts on “Channel 9 Chases Laurie Daley”
  1. what about the deliberate trip by Civoniceva on the Shark kicker at about the 3min 20sec mark of the first half in the Bronco – Shark game on Sunday. Mr Goody-two-shoes Petero, aint so angelic

  2. Hi Anon,

    Interesting, I’ll go back and have a look at the Cronulla footage and the Petero situation.

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  3. I have just perused this article and it is pleasing to see that this author is right on the money. I consider Laurie Daley to be an excellent commentator and provides authentic comments that regularly prove to be correct. Especially his predictions on team performances and the crystal ball focus on where teams will finish in the 2007 competition. The Warriors come to mind – Laurie predicted a rise in the ranks for this team and at the moment are fast becoming a short money tip for the premiership. Laurie can read a game well and regulary provides the options available to the attacking team. This is a similar trait that Peter Sterling has and Gus Gould have over other comentators. Finally – The 2GB continuous call team should discuss a little more about football then the crap they are broadcasting now. Fox is taking over with television broadcasting and their radio call and light entertainment leaves a lot to be desired.

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