The investigation by the NRL and its judicial system this week will be extremely interesting – as Bulldog Brad Morrin is clearly seen on this footage lifting his head and biting Timana Tahu’s arm. As Timana Tahu talks to referee Sean Hampstead the markings from the Brad Morrin bite can clearly be seen by players Nathan Hindmarsh, the touch judge and Sean Hampstead.

Brad Morrin has apparently been investigated for biting Brett White in a previous NRL appearance – however it seems this time the biting Bulldog will really be cornered. Biting is extremely hard to prove but the evidence seems very clear cut and the NRL must move quickly to make an example of Brad Morrin. Biting is up there with eye gouging – both are low acts.

Brad Morrin has also been caught in controversy off the field; In 2005, Brad Morrin was involved in an ugly off-field incident. While in a drunken state, Morrin opened the door of a random passing car and tried to forcefully hitch a lift, alarming the driver. Morrin was caught shortly after and detained in a police cell for four hours, which is standard police practice for anyone found intoxicated in a public place.

By ricky

2 thoughts on “Brad Morrin Bites Timana Tahu”
  1. pathetic… bloody dogs… dirty players. thats a disgrace. tahu did so well to keep his cool. he could have killed the bloke while he layed there on the ground. cheap shot from a cheap team

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