After NRL News recently reported on the 2GB Continuous Call and their in house Bob Fulton / Darryl Brohman feud – it seems the 2GB Rugby League comedians are continuing to struggle again; this time following the Channel 9 Footy Show into the ‘variety’ mould and talking about anything but NRL football.

We mentioned previously how the 2GB Continuous Call spent over 30 minutes discussing ‘dagwood dogs and pluto pups’ – it seems like they were able to get even worse this weekend as they clocked up 1 hour of talkback covering the topic of Tigers, Lions and Hippo’s.

The team here at NRL News use the radio to get the latest Rugby League information and we prefer to use the ABC team of Warren Ryan, Warren Boland and Co. However, with the 2GB Continuous Call broadcast starting earlier than the ABC – we tuned in to see what they boys had to say.

To our disappointment – The 2GB Continuous call rambled on and probably spent all of 5 minutes per hour talking NRL Rugby League. With the NRL Top 8 Finals series only 4 weeks away – we thought surely they must have more to talk about than Lions and Hippos. These guys might think they are funny; but just like the Footy Show on Channel 9 – they have lost touch with real Rugby League folks.

The final straw for the 2GB Continuous Call today was when some regular caller phoned in to say ‘Hi’ to the crew. Some guy by the name of ‘Dumar’ was then led into a 15-20 minute chat about his work habits – a local Woolworths employee; the conversation that followed between the 2GB continuous call team and the caller would not have been out of place on 2UE at around mightnight – where talkback conversation is weak and many have tuned out.

I hope Ray Hadlee and his Continuous Call team are able to lift their game, in the past – they had some quality insight and some form on the board – but in recent times it’s real reserve grade stuff from them. They had better pick up soon, otherwise 2GB may have to wheel in the zimmer frames to extract some of the Continuous Call and ship them straight to the nearest retirement home.

By ricky

3 thoughts on “2GB Continuous Call Dribbles on Again”
  1. To the Author of this article – Well after carefully perusing your comments, I would have to agree.

    Despite the fact that I consider Ray Hadley and the personnel that he works with to have an intricate knowledge of the game, it is becoming a shame that they are not expressing the views and providing their expert opinions on Rugby League topics for the majority of the program.

    I feel that the current programming is designed to capture further listeners (perhaps the female audience) and with their current light hearted humour strategies and a view of their track record / ratings – still appear to be the market leaders.

    It is just a shame that a Coach, a well know player (Past or present)or a club representative could not be invited onto the program for the entire afternoon program in an effort to inroduce variety and more qualitative talk back responses.

  2. Yeah it has been a shame to see the Continuous Call get wrapped up in internal arguements and continue with non-football related chatter.

    I like Andrew Moore – but maybe the other gang are more suited to older audiences?

    Give me more Rugby League please!

  3. the problem is, there isn’t a lot of alternatives to the Continuous Call team.

    They can carry on like pork chops all day and get away with it, because the competition isn’t that great either.

    sad but true. Its the same with the footy show, lucky there aren’t any good ‘free to air’ footy related talk shows.

    If some of the FoxTel rugby league shows were on free to air – the Footy Show would die quickly!

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