‘South Side Story – Episode 1’

The ABC Documentary on the South Sydney Rabbitohs entitled the ‘South Side Story‘ went to air in Australia last night with plenty of inside footage from the South Sydney Rabbitohs camp. South Sydney Rabbitohs players past and present, fans and the backroom power men are all featured in ‘South Side Story’.

The documentary details the journey of the South Sydney Rabbitohs since their deregistering from the NRL in 1999 through to the privatisation bid by Russell Crowe and Peter Holmes A Court.

With gripping footage from inside the South Sydney Rabbitohs internal vote at Telstra Stadium in 2006 – featuring speeches from supporters and power brokers alike. The documentary has a slick feel to it – with good video snippets from inside the South Sydney Rabbitohs dressing room and some great backroom comment from Russell Crowe and Peter Holmes A Court – this documentary looks to be a winner.

South Side Story shows both sides of the South Sydney Rabbitohs camp – Allan Jones, John Sattler and George Piggins have their say in ‘South Side Story’ – this is not only a documentary for South Sydney Rabbitohs fans, but a TV Documentary series that avid NRL and Rugby League followers alike should watch.

South Side Story continues on Tuesdays at 8pm on ABC for the next 5 weeks. After the first episode, it’s a story that many will be waiting eagerly to see. Beyond Productions and the ABC look to be on a real winner here; NRL News
looks forward to reporting more on the story of South Sydney in the weeks ahead.

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5 thoughts on “South Side Story – South Sydney Rabbitohs”
  1. Great documentary. I can’t wait to see the other five installments. The South Sydney Rabbitohs are most definitely a team worth “saving” and moving into a more modern approach in ALL aspects of how its club is run, from obtaining players, business strategies, training and even to changing the image of team (let’s move it up from the bottom of the league!).

    I hope that this new privatized ownership and management will prove over the coming years to be a blessing for the Rabbitohs. It surely can’t be worse than what WAS happening for the team, as constant financial problems threatened every season. And maybe there will be a Championship season in the near future for the Bunnies.

    I say “Good Luck!” to all involved with the team and wish the players good health, great playing and that elusive Championship!


  2. i am not a rabbitohs support but I also enjoyed the South Side Story part 1. Very interesting.

    I tend to agree that Russell Crowe and Peter Holmes A Court needed to take control.

    Seemed silly that Russell Crowe was pouring money into the team for years and they were wasting it.

    Already in 2007 we have seen big improvement from the Rabbits. Good luck to them i say.

  3. Congratulations on a fantastic year. Without long term supporters like Mark Courtney the team would be rubbish!! How good is Courts….Awesome character and real credit the team!!

  4. i think mark courtney spoke very well in the doco.

    he is a perfect balance between the grass roots fans and the souths power brokers.

    he summed it up well “we sold the sh*tfight that is South Sydney – and thats a good thing!”

    Now Souths can move on and become a power. Their clashes with the Roosters have taken on even more meaning now! haha

  5. South Side Story didn’t tell the truth. It was motivated by a subplot of portraying Holmes a Court and Crowe in the best possible light while making appearances of being accurate and fair.

    The real story of Holmes a Court and Crowe winning the vote for ownership of the club involved their antics being the scenes. They hired private investigators from Australia and overseas to follow and photograph those opposed to the privatisation.

    Those identified as opponents were vilified in anonymous group emails, on Internet forums aligned to Crowe and Holmes a Court, and they had their garbage bins searched in a hope of finding something discrediting. They were threatened and the subject of lies, especially from Holmes a Court.

    That South Side Story was funded by the taxpayer is an absolute disgrace. In years to come when the real story comes to notice the produces of this flopumentary will hang their heads in collective shame.


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