Bulldog Brad Morrin last night was given his marching orders by the NRL Judiciary to the tune of 8 weeks.

The Bulldog who was convicted of ‘biting’ Timana Tahu; had no friends apart from his Canterbury Bulldogs club officials – the NRL judiciary panel of former players wasting no time and closing the door on Brad Morrin for 2007. The Bulldog will miss the rest of this season including the NRL finals series should the Canterbury Bulldogs make it.

The pressure on the NRL and the NRL judiciary to enforce strong punishment was immense. With Brad Morrin biting Timana Tahu during a Friday Night NRL blockbuster with reports of 500,000 viewers at the peak time on Channel 9 across NSW and Queensland. Such raw footage of Brad Morrin acting like a savage in clear view of the public – sent shivers down NRL officials spines.

The NRL judiciary has got this decision 100% correct. Previously Chris Beattie and before that Peter Ryan received ‘biting’ suspensions of between 2 and 4 weeks – which is simply not enough. Biting, just like Eye gouging needs to be totally driven out of the NRL.

Canterbury Bulldogs are reportedly talking to Brad Morrin about resigning the interchange forward for another 2 years – Bulldogs fans are less than impressed; some of them want to see the ‘biting Bulldog’ cast off never to be seen again.

We wait with interest to see how the Canterbury Bulldogs react as a club; so many times before – a set back such as this fires them up, producing their best football. If they want to ensure a Top 8 finals spot in NRL 2007 – they need every motivation they can get, as they are missing plenty of quality players and not playing at the top of their game at present.

By ricky

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