Sunday ‘Late Night NRL Chat’ – let’s forget NRL Results and NRL Scores for just a little while and lets see what issues are doing the rounds in the Rugby League world.

Danny Buderus: After finally going public about his unhappiness with new coach Brian Smith, reports that Buderus’ manager has put some feelers out in England – to see if an early option to to play in the UK Super League is available. Danny Buderus is officially contracted to the Knights until the end of next year (2008).

Danny Weidler: Weidler the whistleblower has been unashamedly following Sonny Bill Williams round like a long lost friend; yet still breaking stories about the super star that hammer his public image. When will SBW and his camp realise there are no friends in the savage media wars.

Joe Galuvao: The South Sydney Rabbitoh finally looks like being able to resolve his issues at the Redfern club. An absolute gentlemen of the game; big Joe is talking to other NRL clubs through his manager – with the permission of Souths of course; as they wish to free their books of the big wage that Joe entitles.

Taniela Tuiaki: The Wests Tiger that they call ‘TNT’ or the ‘The Tank’ would have to be the NRL’s leading player at attracting a penalty. Tuiaki looks very much like Michael Hancock from yesteryear as he thrashes and turns his body about to gain a penalty or quick play the ball for his side. He is a deadset expert at it.

Video Referees: We never like to harp on poor referee decisions; as they face a super tough task in the heat of battle. However, the guys in the video box are blessed with technology to allow replays that should get 99% of decisions correct. The in-consistency in video referee calls is simply jaw dropping – in the Dragons v Rabbits game; the Rangi Chase try should never have been given. How this was given a try – is a decision that simply defies belief; every single person could clearly see Chase made a meal of the put down. This is a critical concern moving towards the finals series; just as last years series threw up several contentious calls for firstly the 8th placed Eels against Melbourne (Morrisson no try) and then for the Dragons against Melbourne (Several calls going against the Dragons at crucial times).

South Sydney Image: As George Piggins takes Peter Holmes a Court into a court battle over defamation claims; it certainly seems time the ‘No Camp’ at South Sydney forget their grievances and move on. George Piggins and the respected players of the past need to let Souths enjoy and flourish into the future. The Russell Crowe and Peter Holmes a Court run Rabbitohs look super slick and performing like true contenders on the NRL field – all Souths faithful should get on board and make the club even stronger.

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