Newcastle Knights board member and Channel 9 panelist Paul Harragon will tonight apparently clear the air around the turmoil facing the Newcastle Knights – with mail suggesting the issue will be elaborated on during the Footy Show program this evening.

The continuing media coverage of the Knights; including the board mandated player clean-out by coach Brian Smith has continued to stir emotions in the tight knit community.

Recent comments by Danny Buderus; speaking out against what was happening at Newcastle and more recently the Kirk Reynoldson affair have kept the NRL public focused on the happenings at the Knights – many thinking someone or something has to give.

After reportedly phoning Danny Buderus to retract the comments; Paul Harragon has apparently become involved in the background to try and smooth things out at the Knights. A one on one chat with Brian Smith and further phone conversations with at least Buderus – Harragon could hold the key to harmony.

It will be quite interesting to hear what the ‘Chief’ has to say about whats going on in his own backyard. The Footy Show airs at 9.30pm Thursday nights on Channel 9.

By ricky

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