There were more upsets in Round 24 of the NRL, as we move into the final round for 2007 – which NRL teams are actually on a roll, with momentum in their favour before the all important NRL finals period kicks off?

Only 3 teams can really claim to have good momentum moving into the finals – and the finishing position of each of these teams won’t be known until the final game is played this weekend.

The Ace NRL teams are:

Melbourne Storm – Been the benchmark all year, haven’t been totally annihilating teams as they did earlier in the year – but rarely lose a game and have proved themselves in the past few weeks against good quality opposition. Ready to go one better in the 2007 NRL finals series.

NZ Warriors – A darkhorse all year, the Warriors have a quality lineup, good health and an impressive bench. They have been steamrolling teams in the past few weeks and with a win against lowly ranked Penrith – can secure a home semi final and really give the NRL finals a good shake.

South Sydney Rabbitohs – The Bunnies have been the ‘NRL Fairytale of 2007’ – proving themselves weekly and shrugging off the detractors. Playing with a tonne of passion and actually have the playing talent this year to not only compete in the finals, but win. Probably the team with the most fire in their belly and a side that will have plenty of additional fans in the finals series as they become everyone’s ‘second team’. Could shock some big players in the finals on their current form and momentum.

Stay tuned to NRL News later today: the ‘Grubber‘ is back from overseas and ready to unleash his ‘NRL Power Rankings‘ for Round 24 and there are sure to be some surprises!

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