By Karina Lee

Former Newcastle Knights star and Rugby League icon Andrew Johns has been busted for drug possession in the UK. Andrew ‘Joey’ John’s was given an official caution by arresting police offers in the UK shortly after leaving an all day club believed to be The Church, the former halfback was found to have a single potion of the drug ecstasy in his pocket when police searched him. Andrew Johns claiming the ecstasy tablet was planted on him by an unknown source.

While certainly an embarrassing incident for Andrew Johns, his family and supporters. The Joey drug bust has certainly helped his former club the Newcastle Knights. With the Joey drug bust story breaking across all major Australian media outlets in the last 24 hours – Andrew Johns has singled handedly pushed his embattled Newcastle Knights club out of the news.

Brian Smith and the Knights board will be privately counting their blessings as they finally get a rest from the daily media tirade leveled at them and Kirk Reynoldson in the past month. The Andrew Johns drug bust taking plenty of heat off the Knights in the media as Joey hits the front pages for his drug possession.

For Andrew Johns, getting caught in possession of drugs in the UK – simply reminds him again of the power of his profile. The former Australian halfback seems to now crave a life with more privacy, but he simply won’t achieve that unless he moves to a location where Rugby League is an unknown word. While Russia and Alaska might be good options and nice at this time of year – Joey Johns might be better suited heading for the USA, a location where he can enjoy a life out of the spotlight and have a decent quality of life.

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