After plenty of email feedback, one particular email from a female 15 year old NRL fan – sums up the disappointment from avid fans.

By ricky

2 thoughts on “Reader Feedback: Andrew Johns”
  1. How the hell do these officials get away with such poor desicions the ref was right in front of the inglis try yet still went upstairs to check if he cannot make a desicion then give it away that is a lost ball any day of the week and what about birds penalty on cronk tackle and then maroons pull 2 tackles exactly the same and its called a good tackle nrl needs to be consistant or they will loose more supporters.

  2. Video ref made the call, not the referee.
    The referee merely justified to Paul Gallen the reasoning behind the video referee’s call.

    It’s in the rules that if a player plays at the football with their hand or their foot, and the attacking team re-gather, that it’s play-on, hence it was a try.

    Bird’s tackle was a good one, but it still constitutes a dangerous position.

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