By Peter Roy

How could referee Ben Cummins get it so wrong?

The incident involving David Fa’logo and Braith Anasta left many viewers scratching their heads and Roosters pivot Anasta even more bewildered.

After resenting the tackle by Braith Anasta, David Fa’logo got up and simply king hit the Roosters play maker. A fierce and direct hit, Anasta was all but floored and had his lip and mouth severely split.

Somehow, the Rabbitohs got the penalty and eventually Fa’logo was sin binned. The tackle barely resembled a grapple tackle and regardless, the severity of the foul play by Fa’logo simply overrode the initial penalty anyway. Anasta rightly amazed at the call and shouting to referee Cummins “Are you off your head?”

It got worse for Cummins, as Braith Anasta again copped a raw deal. Souths Jeremy Smith slappy Anasta around the face as he tried to tackle the South Sydney half back, after several shots – Braith Anasta retaliated and play was stopped. Yet again, amazingly South Sydney got the penalty and somehow Braith Anasta gets sent to the sin bin.

It’s hard to recall a situation of foul play that was so incorrectly dealt with.

At least Anasta can smile today after a big win over the Bunnies, for Ben Cummins though – he has surely blown any chance of a crack at finals football.

By ricky

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