By Peter Roy

Seemingly out of nowhere, David Fa’logo decided to bring back the biff in Round 25 and he certainly didn’t miss Braith Anasta. While it has cost the big man his season, as he is sure to miss the upcoming NRL Finals – it was a staggering ‘brain explosion’ as the big South Sydney forward unloaded on the Rugby League field. Why referee Ben Cummins didn’t send David Fa’logo off the field – we will never know! However, we couldn’t resist putting some video up, check it out below – simply amazing scenes:

It just wasn’t Braith Anasta’s night, the Roosters five eight didn’t even get a penalty for the David Fa’logo incident and now he cops several slaps in the face from Jeremy Smith and again Souths get the penalty and Braith spends time in the bin – Isn’t a player allowed to defend himself when he has multiple punches thrown at him? Surely this was the worst referee performance of 2007? If not, it has to be in the Grand Final of poor referee showings for 2007.

Will South Sydney try an aggressive approach against Manly at Brookvale this weekend in NRL Finals Week 1? It may just be the tactic to unsettle the skills based Manly side, however Souths are already getting low on troops and can ill-afford suspension or risking sin binning’s. Surely it was pure frustration in the Roosters game and not a tactic Souths will employ in the weeks ahead.

Not since the mid to late 80’s have we seen a side use aggression and brute force to win a premiership, the Bulldogs were the masters of it back then – just ask Ellery Hanley. The talented Balmain import feeling the full brunt of Bulldog force back then.

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By ricky

3 thoughts on “Souths; Bringing Back Finals Biff?”
  1. yeah unbelievable how anasta couldnt even defend himself. ref needs to be dropped and souths were crazy – they will lose players for finals series

  2. yes I will never forget when terry lamb smacked ellery hanley big time. it did cost us the grand final and in those days you could get away with it.

  3. oh the memories! it was like that every week back in the 80’s, we had fights all the time and no one batted an eyelid.

    rough house tactics dont work now, but in a grand final suspension doesnt matter, so players can go their hardest.

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