That must be the question Des Hasler and the rest of the world would be asking Peter Peters after Zorba decided to start a rumor about Ben Kennedy suiting up for Manly against the Cowboys tomorrow night.

In a season where Manly have done everything right; they have played good consistent Rugby League, kept pace with the Melbourne Storm better than anyone else and most importantly kept right away from news headlines that might distract them or give their enemy ammunition.

So now, 24 hours out from their first sudden death game of the season Peter Peters opens his trap and puts his club right under the spotlight. Zorba is doing he best to dethrone Denis Fitzgerald as the NRL’s biggest trouble maker for their own clubs. It is simply mind boggling that he would even consider such a prank.

The little gimmick smacks of complacency. While Manly don’t want to be too intense, the joking around gives off the impression they are taking this game lightly and shows little if any respect for the North Queensland Cowboys.

As the Cowboys arrive in Sydney, surely a player or club official will grab hold of the Manly prank and use it for their own motivation.

While a prank might seem trivial to some, little slip up’s like this certainly have an effect of the mindset of clubs.

Zorba would certainly be on the phone apologising to Des Hasler tonight, as the Manly club released an official retraction today after realising the magnitude of the situation.

Lets just hope Carl Webb hasn’t gotten word of the prank, as the wounded wrecking machine rarely needs anymore motivation to rip apart opposing forward packs. Manly might wish they had BK if big Carl fires up and Peter Peters will be in immediate Police protection as Manly fans bay for his blood, should the Eagles slip up.

By ricky

2 thoughts on “Manly’s ‘BK Joke’ is a Joke”
  1. well you are a bigger idiot for falling for the media hype, if you listened to what Zorba said on 2ky, he never said BK was playing, it was the 2 truble makers TK and Rich who went further with it
    LOL @ you ya goose

  2. Thanks for your comment Anonymous.

    If that was the case, then Zorba should have put the suggestion to bed straight away – rather than let it fester.

    Best of luck to your team tomorrow night.


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