Manly’s Michael Robertson has been caught doing a ‘flashdance’ during a Steve Menzies FOX Interview shortly after their Grand Final loss. Exposing himself in the video below; as Menzies discusses the Eagles horror loss, Robertson can be seen in the right hand corner of the screen doing a sausage dance.

Come on Michael it’s bad enough you just got walloped in the Grand Final, let alone walk the sausage or should we say thrust the sausage in our faces!

Check the footage out below:

By ricky

3 thoughts on “Michael Robertson Sausage Dance”
  1. Michael was just being playful. Nothing wrong with a sausage dance after a game to wind down. It was just happenstance that he was in the field of vision of the camera during the interview. No harm done, it’s not as though he poked somebody in the eye with it.

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