It was a comprehensive shut-out of the Kiwis. The Australian Kangaroos again proving too good for the NZ Rugby League side.

A scoreline of 58-0 really hurts the international game of Rugby League though. With arch enemy Rugby Union in a massive hole, it’s a shame the League World couldn’t throw up a close, riveting encounter for the world to see.

The Wallabies are lacking quality players, coaching and silverware – it was a perfect time for the Rugby League boys to step up.

The sheer quality, skill and depth of the Australians are belting the likes of NZ, England and others regularly and it will raise concerns over the upcoming League World Cup.

While the Aussies would be proud of their massive win on foreign soil, the Kiwi supporters already hurting from All-Black failure would be disgusted with the Leaguies and yet again will shun the 13 a side game.

Australian power brokers seriously need to invest in the rest of the World to ensure that Rugby League can once again be a powerful world-wide sport.

By ricky

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