Telstra Stadium must be offering some serious incentives to NRL clubs, as the Homebush based former Olympic Venue continues to lure big matches away from traditional NRL home grounds.

The Parramatta Eels are the latest NRL team to be swayed by the Telstra Stadium carrot. The Eels have signed an agreement to play two big matches at the venue next year. The Eels choosing to forfeit their traditional Parramatta Stadium homeground against arch rivals the Bulldogs and Dragons next year.

The move to Telstra means essentially the Eels are playing their home game against the Bulldogs, at Canterbury’s home venue. The move has divided Eels fans, with half applauding the move to house a larger crowd, but the remainder furious over losing their home venue advantage.

With dollars playing a large part in enticing the NRL clubs into Homebush, the continued discounting by Telstra Stadium is working well as a total of 34 NRL matches will be played at the former Olympic Venue in 2008.

By ricky

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