When will NRL players learn? Once again it’s the Cronulla Sharks’ Paul Gallen in trouble for an off-field incident; and it really doesn’t matter whether he was the instigator in this situation or not because he simply shouldn’t have got himself into a situation such as this.

Some NRL players hit the booze and cause trouble, others are simply victims of idiotic behaviour by bystanders – but either way it’s usually booze and late nights that stir up the trouble.

We are generally seeing the same players caught up in the trouble net. For Paul Gallen it’s at least the second incident we know about. Gallen was involved in a brawl with a teammate after their golden point win over the Eels late in the 2007 season. Again it was alcohol fueled and a late night romp – a recipe for disaster for any budding NRL player.

The advice couldn’t be more simple. It’s not a matter of totally walking away from the drink and the nightlife; either do it with control or simply fly to Melbourne or Adelaide where 90% of the NRL players would not be recognised by locals.

Seriously. Interstate flights are cheap, convenient and NRL players could have a big night with the comfort of knowing they won’t end up in the papers the next morning. The chances of the public causing trouble for NRL players in Melbourne or Adelaide is next to zero – because they won’t be recognised; meaning they would just be another pub or club patron.

So Mr Gallen, if you want to keep getting on the drink and having the big nights without the public causing trouble – get yourself into a frequent flyer program and start calling an inter-state pub your local. It might just be the best move you make of a weekend and just might pro-long your career.

By ricky

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