Are you only using your garage for the car? Then you could be wasting perfect storage space right under your own nose! Check out the latest trend that smart families are using to improve their lifestyle and home space; but also add a tonne of value to their properties along the way!

Have you thought about converting your garage into extra living space? Why not use your space to it’s maximum potential? Most garages have so much area that is simply wasted or not used efficiently.

Anglian Garage Conversions are able to make the most of your garage and change it from a cold and under-utlized area into a warm and livable space; improving your overall living and actually adding value to your property!

You get to choose from several different options from Anglian Garage Conversions; either use it as storage space, convert only part of your garage which might be handy to store garden tools, bikes and other pieces of your equipment.

Or the other option if you have a double garage; is to convert just half of your garage, leaving plenty of room to store your vehicle each night. If you have a detached garage however, we are unable to convert this type at the moment.

With property a major investment vehicle for most families worldwide, why not play it smart and not only get the extra lifestyle from a garage conversion, but use it to improve your home and add that extra value to the property?

A company like Anglian Garage Conversions is able to help you through every stage; from initial quotes and surveys; through to installation of the new design. Even planning and councils permissions if required can all be handled by the Anglian team. With this team, remember they are professionals and specialists in the area of Garage Conversions. Every job is covered by a year guarantee, ensuring you have nothing to worry about in relation to your new expansion.

Seems like it’s all upside; so for a smart Garage Conversion – give the experts a call at Anglian!

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